Troubador Travels with Morris

Released: 28/10/2014

ISBN: 9781783065509

Format: Paperback

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Travels with Morris


During the early 1960s, Mo Rudling and her friend Julie travelled thousands of miles around wild Australia with their faithful companion Morris, a sky-blue second hand Morris Minor. They spent many nights in the bush, sleeping in a two-man tent and cooking over just a camp fire and tackling unmarked roads (self-taught Mo having passed her driving test only a few weeks prior to the trip). The pair went down below to the opal mines at Coober Pedy, climbed above (without falling off!) Ayers Rock and, in time, sailed out in a glass-bottomed boat to view the oh-so colourful Great Barrier Reef. Both trained nurses, Julie and Mo were able to undertake short-term nursing contracts south of Perth, in Broome and later in Darwin as they made their way across the country. Mo even discovered a long-lost relative in Victoria – her uncle, a First World War hero who, having survived Gallipoli, went on to fight on the Western Front and returned to Australia to become a Soldier Settler. Travels with Morris is Mo Rudling’s account of her adventure in Australia. Inspired by the diaries she kept during her travels, this book will appeal to any fans of travel writing, particularly those who are attracted to the land of Oz as well as those who, like Mo, decided to emigrate there after the Second World War.

Travels with Morris

Two of us - in this my travel story, arrived in Oz as 'Ten Pound Poms'.
In due course we travelled miles and miles around the country, this in an old Morris Minor dating back to around the mid 1960's.
Course we had adventures - and I for one would call it the happiest time of my life.

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Mo Rudling

Loves writing as well as travelling.

Hope others will also enjoy reading.


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