Troubador Trans Africa with Siafu

Released: 28/05/2019

ISBN: 9781789018899

Format: Paperback

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Trans Africa with Siafu

The Pink Paperchase Across Africa


This is a travel diary that was written nearly 50 years ago and has languished in a filing cabinet drawer since then. It came to light when I was tidying up. My daughter stated to read it and was surprised to find what her father had done many years before. The photos that were taken at the time were then found, so the idea of putting them together in print came to mind. The diary has three main elements:

1. Three and a half months with a group of other travellers in two Landrovers starting from London and finishing in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).
2. A search for work in Rhodesia but ending up in Cape Town. This includes experiences of trying to find work in these two countries and day to day life. 
3. Further travels in Southern Africa in organised trips, using public transport and by hitchhiking on my own. 

The places visited included well known locations such as Victoria Falls, African game parks, Table Mountain etc, and also some less known places such as the spot where Livingstone's heart was buried and Cecil Rhodes' grave. A trip down a gold mind is also documented.

Challenges thrown up include many punctures and breakdowns, the heat of the Sahara and rough roads in the rain forest. There are many anecdotes about the things that happened and the people encountered. The kindness of those who helped in many ways is a constant feature through the diary.

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