Troubador The Grey Nomads

Released: 01/06/2013

ISBN: 9781780885445

eISBN: 9781783069897

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Grey Nomads

Two lives; eight months; a thousand experiences


While most of us just dream of packing up and heading off into the sunset, experienced travellers John and Jane Richardson pulled on their rucksacks and lived the dream during a life-changing eight months exploring America, Australia and Malaysia.

This is not a hurried dash from country to country, John and Jane are ‘Grey Nomads’, mature travellers wanting to shop, cook and understand the people and communities they interact with during their journeys.

Keen to use as many forms of transport as possible, they undertook two great train adventures; a memorable twenty three hours on the Californian Zephyr across America and the fascinating jungle railway through the centre of Malaysia to the Islamic state of Kelantan on the border with Thailand.

From encounters with bears and wolves in Yellowstone Park, to Queensland’s worst ever floods – they take the time to understand the people they met and the places they’ve visited.

Full of stories, sometimes amusing, sometimes serious, The Grey Nomads is an enchanting travelogue of life on the road for two mature travellers.

The Self Publishing Magazine, Issue 28

Giddy Limits

Eastern Daily Press

Waitrose The Chronicle

Dereham and Fakenham Times

I really enjoyed The Grey Nomads. I liked the writer's tone, voice, and descriptions of his surroundings. I thought, as far as travel literature goes, it was a fairly unique perspective, that of the 'grey' travellers. I enjoyed his reactions, perceptions, and appreciation of his new surroundings and travel experiences. He, and his wife, appeared to wholly appreciate the very essence of travel, and made it a very endearing read. I plan to purchase a copy.

by Guilty Pleasures Blog (reviewed via NetGalley

 John A. Richardson

Born in London 1948 a lifelong Charlton Athletic supporter moved to Norfolk in 1971

Johns work in the engineering industry took him throughout Europe including six months in Scandinavia.

An experienced traveller in the Far East, Australia, Canada and extensively in North America, is considered an authority on Greek island hopping.

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