Troubador The Boy and Me

Released: 01/07/2011

eISBN: 9781780889856

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The Boy and Me

A Pyrenean Adventure


The Boy and Me is a no holds barred account of a father and son’s extraordinary walk as they struggle and muddle their way through a perilous distance trek with an edge...

June 2006. Steve and his son, Michael, set out on a journey that will take them on one of the most demanding long distance treks in Europe – the HRP (Haute Randonée Pyrénéenne). Oblivious to the hardships that they will encounter, and crushed beneath ridiculously oversized backpacks, they spend two months taking on the equivalent ascent of five Everests as they struggle with the ultimate coast to coast challenge.

Along the way they begin to realise that the HRP is a serious mountain expedition that will test them to their limits – injury blights them and the strain of the journey takes its toll, threatening the fragile prospect of success.

Steve and Michael also find their father / son relationship comes under the microscope during their two months spent in close confines in a small tent. Thunderstorms, thirst, exhaustion, heat, hunger, and the loss of their tent over a precipice are just some of the challenges they must face.

This is a personal, amusing insight into a perilous trek along the length of the Pyrenees that will inspire readers.

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Steve Taylor

Born in Liverpool in 1957 the first sign of my taste for adventure surfaced when, at the age of 5, and completely unannounced, I set off on my new bike with my mate Ray from next door (also 5) and we made our way to my granddads house, some 3 miles away.

Granddad was rather surprised to see us and after a brief stay escorted us back home where the whole street, plus the local police force were conducting a search for the missing youngsters. I was none too popular and this little excursion marked the first of a lifetime of misadventures that have continued to land me in trouble ever since.

Pex Hill, March 2010

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