Troubador Remote Stations

Released: 28/08/2018

ISBN: 9781789014082

Format: Paperback

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Remote Stations


Journeys to forty of Britain’s loneliest railway stations. 
Written for the railway enthusiast but also for anyone who enjoys travel books. 
Illustrated with more than 150 colour and black & white photos, both recent and historical. 

Combining a love of remote places and of travelling on our more interesting trains, Peter Caton visits forty of Britain’s most lonely railway stations. His travels take him to all four corners of the country; to the top of a snowy mountain, to moors, hills and marshes, and even a mile out to sea, as he rides on some of our most scenic railway lines. Along the way he unearths stories of some bizarre accidents, tales of human endeavour and railway history. He finds a station that closed before it officially existed, wonders why some survived, laments others that should never have been lost and on finding that one of his forty stations is proposed for closure joins the battle to try to save it. 

Peter enjoys walks along deserted coast and countryside and discovers five stations that closed long ago. His choice covers a wide variety of stations including a few on resurrected narrow gauge railways. Some are well known, others obscure. He often writes that the train stopped ‘just for me’ and the station ‘serves nowhere at all’. 

Remote Stations is written with a railway theme but is not a heavy or technical railway book. It will also appeal to those who enjoy an easy reading travel book describing journeys to some of the most remote parts of Britain.

Peter Caton's first book, Essex Coast Walk, was published in June 2009. This describes a series of walks along the full length of the Essex coast, with much information on the people, places, history and wildlife encountered on the way. The book was reprinted in November 2009 and continues to sell steadily. A narrative not a guide book, Essex Coast Walk is an easy read, with gentle humour to match the coastline's gentle beauty, and has been appreciated both by people with an interest in the county and by those who just enjoy a good interesting read.

Peter's next book No Boat Required - Exploring Tidal Islands was published in summer 2011. This book describes Peter's visits to the 43 tidal islands which can be walked to from the UK mainland. It includes tales of travelling to the islands - some easy, some less so, information on the islands' history and wildlife, plus many interesting and amusing stories discovered on the way.

Peter's third book Stand Up Sit Down - A Choice to Watch Football was published in June 2012. This chronicles his visits to the 23 English Football League grounds that still have terraces and examines the arguments for and against the choice to stand at football.

In his fourth book, The Next Station Stop - Fifty Years by Train, was published in August 2013, Peter revisits locations of childhood holidays on a 10,000 mile tour of Britain, discovering what it’s like to travel on our modern railways and comparing experiences with train journeys made over the last fifty years.

Peter's fifth book, Suffolk Coast Walk describes his walk along the whole of the county's coast, visiting villages, beaches and creeks and finding the best fish & chips in Suffolk.

His 6th book is a walking guide for the Essex coast - 50 Walks on the Essex Coast. It covers the entire publicly accessible coast with many circular walks retuning across countryside.

Peter's 7th book, Remote Stations, describes his visits to 40 of the most lonely railway stations in the UK. It is written to appeal both to railway enthusiasts and those who like to read of travel and unusual places.

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Peter Caton

Peter Caton was born in 1960 and has always lived in Upminster, Essex. He is married with two children. After

training as a polymer chemist, he set up his own business testing and manufacturing adhesives. He has a keen interest in walking, the countryside and conservation and is a member of many environmental organisations. His other interests include travelling and football (he is a long suffering West Ham season ticket holder) and he is a member of Upminster Methodist Church.

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