Troubador One Long Summer

Released: 28/02/2018

ISBN: 9781788037723

Format: Paperback

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One Long Summer

A journey around the world


A tale of a dream achieved, a journey of self-discovery and exploration of the world on motorbike. 

For all independent travel enthusiasts.

“Sometimes you have to put everything you know, your life, relationships and work on hold to chase a dream.”

The story of one man’s journey to achieve a long-held ambition, One Long Summer tells the tale of lone traveller, Mark Dalton’s overland adventure around the world by motorcycle. The plan for this year-long excursion was conceived while recovering from major heart surgery, a shift in priorities that led Mark into a whole world of adventure and discovery. 

It is an absorbing tale of the reality of modern day overland travel which includes the highs and the lows. It is the, sometimes the alcohol-induced, musings of travelling alone across the world’s great open spaces, the dry plains of Kazakhstan, the Trans Siberia road and the ferocious inferno of the Australian outback. In the end, the original reasons became a moot point and the journey itself became the purpose. The point is escaping constant social media connectivity and finding what is really important in the ever-increasing triviality of a 24 hour news-fed world, where the real people of a country welcome a stranger with open minds and hearts.

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*****February 2018******
Books are available to buy from these local motorcycle shops:

Sheffield Motorcycle centre -

RCK Motorcycles in Hillsborough

Via Moto
Shoreham Street Sheffield

*****November 2017*****
After visiting the NEC International motorcycle show in November the initial responses to advance information have been very positive.

Adventure bike rider magazine would like to publish an article by me about the journey as an advertisement for the book and I hope to attend the Stafford classic motorcycle show at the book stand of Christopher Morris Books in April.

An overland adventurer show in Oxford in October is another interest I received, so some good opportunities to come and meet me and hear about the adventure.

Locally, at CMC motorcycles in Clay Cross open day in early spring will be another opportunity to meet and sign the book.

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Mark Dalton

I was brought into the world in 1963 and introduced to motorcycles from as young as I can remember. Like a lot of less well off families of that era our transport was a motorbike and sidecar.

Skip forward four decades and after a lifetime of broken relationships and motorcycle adventures, a change of perspective brought about by surgery to repair a genetic heart condition provided the impetus to make a dream happen. The initial vague idea became a plan that grew into reality. I gave it life and it sprouted wings, like a dragon that hasn't learnt to breathe fire yet. You know it’s small and sweet, but it will eventually outgrow you and is likely to set your very soul on fire.

Mark Dalton
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