Troubador London to Magadan

Released: 28/01/2019

ISBN: 9781789015669

Format: Hardback

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London to Magadan

An epic motorcycle journey


An epic motorbike ride from the UK through Europe, Asia and Mongolia to the outer reaches of Siberia. 
A book about the healing power of travel and motorcycling through an unknown landscape. 
Fully illustrated with the photographs the author took while on the journey. 

When his wife died tragically, Ian Rogers decided that to ride from London to Magadan, in Russia, would be his road to healing and recovery. Completing the Road of Bones on a motorcycle would be an escape route from the helplessness he had felt as he had nursed his wife through the cancer that he would in the end lose her to. It took him away from his work, his family, his normal life and gave him the time to grieve and put his world in perspective. 
No windows, no automatic transmission, no metal box protection and absolutely no safety belt, motorcycling fills your senses. Wind, rain, sunshine, smells and with your eyes always on the prize be it the idiot road users in built up areas or mile upon mile of breath-taking Monglian wilderness. 

Join the author for a journey of discovery through 15 countries, 11 time zones and 30,000 kilometres of Europe, Central Asia and the Far East. An adventure story as well as a homage to the author’s wife, this is diary of a journey to places people do not normally think of visiting, or know anything about. 

‘It’s good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end.’ Ursula Le Guin, author.

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