Troubador Last Tango in Buenos Aires

Released: 28/01/2016

ISBN: 9781784625221

eISBN: 9781785895661

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Last Tango in Buenos Aires

Sketches from the Argentine


Meet pilgrims and Indians, poets and nuns, teachers, priests, veterans of the war in the South Atlantic, gold diggers, coal miners and ranchers, those bereaved by the Dirty War and apologists for it, and those nostalgic for the time when theirs was one of the world’s richest countries or Evita held half the nation spellbound. Everyone has an image of Argentina or its people, be it tango dancers or gauchos riding the pampa, football and the ‘hand of God’, the snowcapped Andes or the Patagonian vast, ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’, or beef and Malbec. The Argentinians themselves are wont to joke that theirs would be the most wonderful country in the world, were it not for its 42 million inhabitants. David Marsh goes beyond this self-deprecating take and delves into the Argentinian psyche in Last Tango in Buenos Aires, which takes an intimate look into an often-misunderstood country. “Everyone I met seemed to have a tale to tell or a point to make," said David Marsh, when discussing his travels through Argentina. Their voices breathe authentic life into Last Tango in Buenos Aires, a compelling book that will appeal to fans of travel writing. It covers not only Argentina’s geographical and cultural diversity, its beauty, history, politics, and paradoxes, but also the Argentinians of diverse backgrounds and walks of life that David met during his travels.

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That's Books and Entertainment

A wonderful evocation of Argentina - people, places, funny stories, history and not dodgy away from the horrors of history. Loved it!

by Helen

A most enjoyable read. I like the format, with each section working as a standalone piece, but all of them linked by the author's purposeful itinerary. The descriptions of landscape, light and colour are vivid and evocative. The writing has real clarity, making it easy to imagine each scene described. I will remember the smouldering bootlaces for a long time!

by Rosalind

This interesting and entertaining book made me want to book a flight to Argentina immediately (which unfortunately isn't possible) so for now I will have to be satisfied with these excellent stories that make it feel like you are there. And I hope that I do get there eventually....

by Janette Forman

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