Troubador I of the Sun

Released: 01/06/2013

ISBN: 9781780881751

eISBN: 9781780888804

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I of the Sun

A Journey into Southeast Asia and the Heart of Consciousness


In terms of your place in the world, it’s your actions that define you. Every moment of your life you are always, necessarily doing something. And so the question is – why do you do what you do?

A young man travels on a one-way ticket to Southeast Asia to find out, in search of freedom and everything that comes with it. Free from responsibility, free from others, free from himself. He discovers paradise islands and electric cities, and gets hooked on crazy liquor, cheap pills, loose women and easy living. Navigating through a jungle of butterflies and ladyboys, socio-narcotic minefields, hustlers, mafia, mad men and mystics, he surfs the line between reality and imagination, sanity and madness, and life and death itself.

I of the Sun also voyages through many areas of philosophy, science and history, to discover whether or not we truly have free will – and if we do, then how do we control ourselves?

At turns hilarious and horrifying, beautiful and ugly, Richard Arthur’s debut novel takes you on an epic journey following the Sun around Southeast Asia and into the very heart of human consciousness, in this literary and philosophical tour de force. It will appeal to fans of travel writing, particularly male readers who enjoy a party lifestyle.

The Boar

The Galleon

Mace & Crown

Southeast Asia Backpacker Magazine

Bangkok Post

Pattaya Mail

I read this book very quickly. I of The Sun takes you to an exotic world in south east asia, chronicled through the eyes of a young man searching for, in the end, what seems to be himself. As I read, I could see taste, feel the jungle, the mountains, the beaches...the booze. What a tale. If anyone ever wondered what it's like to back pack across asia, do not hesitate to read this book. It should be required reading for backpackers!!
I loved it and will read it again.

by Jeremiah D. Hundley

This book is a page turner. A mix of philosophy and adventures in the wild land of South-East Asia. I would recommand it to anyone who plans to tour that region or would like to see how crazy it can get. Quite amazing to see how decently the author can write after so much binge drinking...

by louis82

After reading and during reading this book I was instantly taking back to the time I went off to travel. The book had be gripped throughout with some very funny scenario's and lot's of well descriptive landscapes and hidden paradises in S.E Asia. It's a must read for all. For those who have ever been traveling, for those who aspire to go off traveling and for those people who never got around to it. This book will certainly take you there and capture your imagination.

by Rich P

This is a magnificent and moving novel that thrillingly brings to life the mysteries and excitement of travelling in south east asia. Yet it goes further than this as it asks us to examine our very being,our relationship to life itself. It asks profound questions yet remains an hilarious and at times shocking account of one mans carnal and chaotic jounrey to self discovery. Recommended.

by ccter

"On the Road" for the Southeast Asia Backpacker Generation. This is the book I wish I had read before I went backpacking in Thailand. It speaks perceptively about the nature of the backpacker experience - the joys, the elations, the frustrations, the pitfalls and the dangers. It tells what no guidebook could or would ever try to about life on the road. I especially connected with the descriptions of the author's state of mind and emotional journey as he went from being the green and uninitiated new kid on the trail, gradually gaining confidence and wisdom on his route to becoming the seasoned old hand. On several occasions it felt like someone was recounting my own travelling tales back to me.

The philosophical framework (regarding the nature of free will) in which the book locates the travelling experience gives an interesting perspective on the reasons for travelling and the significance of decisions taken and events that occur whilst on an extended journey of this nature. I would recommend this book to anyone thinking of embarking on a journey to far flung lands, anyone wishing to see the world through the eyes of someone who is in the midst of such a journey or anyone who has previously travelled in this manner and would like to have their nostalgia and wanderlust inflamed once again.

by JT Peel

A relentless ride around the Far East through young eyes. This book leads you into another world of partying,philosophy and partying.
If you hanker after a real reminder of your gap year in Thailand then pick this up. You won't put it down. If you are a worried parent, don't pick it up. It paints a vivid portrait of a hedonist, rave ridden, bucket fueled fantastic journey around the backpackers paradise of Thailand.

by J. V. Ingarfield "big john"

I of the Sun is a brave and challenging debut novel which transcends the usual trite "I went there and was deeply moved by what I saw cliche of so much of the travel genre. Flitting between the conscious and the subconscious, you'll take what you want from it, be it a young man's odyssey in an evolving world, a series of random adventures on the road or just 50 Shades of Grey for men and a pretty good laugh.
If you've ever spent any time over in south-east Asia, or if you're a raving rag-arse or a culture vulture, this'll rekindle a lot of good memories. If you haven't, well, you missed out but you'll at least relate to the urge of irrespressible youth to escape the shackles of home and get out and see the world. This is a great read and I couldn't think of a better way to spend a tenner. Get right on it.

by Campo

 Richard Arthur

Richard Arthur graduated in Management Studies and Philosophy, before travelling in Asia. He has lived in Thailand for most of the last 10 years, working as a university lecturer amongst various other jobs. He has travelled extensively around Southeast Asia.

Richard Arthur
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