Troubador First Choose Your Congo

Released: 28/04/2016

ISBN: 9781785891113

Format: Paperback

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First Choose Your Congo


‘The Congo’ is something of an enigma, not least because there are actually two Congos: the Republic of Congo and the Democratic?Republic of Congo. So, if one is planning to visit ‘the Congo’, it is only sensible that one adopts the essential advice to ‘first choose your Congo’. This is what Brian and his wife did, choosing to travel to the Republic of Congo – the safer of the two. He secured a place on an expedition into the heart of the Congo rainforest, where marauding rebels and gun-toting thugs were nowhere to be found; only a pristine environment, extremely well-stocked with an extravagance of natural wonders. First Choose Your Congo is a work that shines an illuminating light into the rarely-visited dark heart of Africa, but it is also a work that is intended to be provocative, irreverent – and amusing. It is not a work dedicated entirely to the process of tracking Western lowland gorillas and the discovery of an Ayatollah monkey, but a somewhat ‘generous’ interpretation of the travel genre. It is inexplicably the ninth book in David’s seven-part travel series and, intriguingly, the first to reveal the connection between the Congo’s forest elephants and Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. Previous books in David’s ‘Brian’s World’ series have been featured in Backpacker Trade News and the Sunday Post. This hilarious take on traditional travel writing will appeal to those with an interest in different cultures.

Foody Traveller

That's Books and Entertainment

4 out of 5 stars

Thank you NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book. When I saw this book I was attracted to the cover and the description. It looked like an interesting read. I was unaware that this was one of many in the Brian's World series. I liked the book and found it very interesting, however I just couldn't like Brian, which is too bad since the story was told through his point of view. I would have loved to go on an eco-vacation, but after reading this and thinking there may be a "Brian" on my tour, forget it! He would ruin the trip - which is probably what he did for the others he traveled with. Ugh! What I did really enjoy about the book was the English. I say that as a reader from the States. Words like "nutter" and "ellie" had me smiling. We both speak English (or do we?) and it was such a treat to read this story written in the English from across the pond. In that aspect, I loved the book. Would I recommend this to someone else? Sure. There is a lot in there that is very interesting and it did make me Google some of the places mentioned to see some images and imagine what it would be like to be there - sans Brian.

by Tracey Kane

 David Fletcher

Securing a degree in chemistry, well before the days of modular exams, was a very good start for David, and his using this degree to embark on a lifetime career in accountancy seemed, at the time, like the best next step to take. And in a way it was. Becoming a partner in one of the world's 'Big Four' firms of accountants proved to be surprisingly interesting and constantly challenging.

However, over the years, a belief became fixed in David's mind that he hadn't been put on this Earth just to provide opinions on financial statements but also to provide opinions on human nature. Not pompously or even vehemently - but in the only way he knew how: through humour.

So he started to write - and in this writing to focus particularly on what the nature of human nature was doing to the nature of the natural world - first through some 'sci-fi humour' and latterly through some 'travelogue humour'.

He doesn't claim to be some sort of jokey Cassandra - as he is only too aware that both his thinking and his writing is riddled with serious self-doubt. So he is quite relaxed about whether his opinions get through to his readers - or not - just as long as in the process of reading his books they all have a jolly good laugh. Because, with what he and the rest of his species are visiting on this planet, one thing he doesn't have any doubt about whatsoever is that sooner rather than later, we will all need to develop our ability to have a jolly good laugh indeed - even if it is of the somewhat hollow variety...

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