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Released: 01/04/2015

eISBN: 9781784629625

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Fascinating Lake Como

travel guide for discoverers


Lake Como, with it’s four different shores and surrounding picturesque mountains, invites travellers to discover and enjoy. ‘Fascinating Lake Como’ describes, based on many local insights of the area – what’s to be seen, sensed, experienced and discovered around Lake Como.

Here, luxuriant nature merges with the beauty of centuries-old grand villas and adjoining gardens. The diversity between the shores of the lake and the heights of the mountains creates the feeling of experiencing several holidays simultaneously, and will not disappoint!

Culture enthusiasts will discover a wide range of architectural gems while strolling through the Medieval villages and towns, and numerous artistic treasures in the local churches and museums. This travel guide not only highlights the cultural delights of the location, but also gives practical information on activities, where to eat and where to shop!

‘Fascinating Lake Como’ helps the reader to understand the correlation between the past and the present of this intriguing area of Italy, while allowing the reader to enjoy the villages and places to see through the eyes of an insider.

i have been many times in Como and travelling around the lake, but it is only now, after reading this book, that I understand how much I missed and now, I can't wait to go there again. Italy in general - and Lake Como is no exception - is full of places with great cultural richness. But which cathedral to see, which villa to visit? The nice thing with this book is that you have impression of visiting the region with a good local friend who will tell you just enough to make you curious about the place. Next time I go to Como, I will not miss the Silk Museum, Loft restaurant on the 5th floor of Coin nor a concert at Villa Olmo. Great book, and so easy to carry around on my iPad.

by olga Bettoni

Rosmarie Macri

Rosmarie Macri

Born and grown up in St. Gallen, Switzerland, where the arts and craft apprenticeship in bookbinding and restoration has modeled her innate interest in art and history. Her passion for foreign cultures and languages was a strong motivation to read and travel extensively.

During her first journey in Italy, back in the seventies, Rosmarie immediately fall in love with this extraordinary country. It was the Italian sense for beauty, it’s artworks created over millenniums in painting, sculpture, architecture, music and style that fascinated her than and still do so today.

In the meantime Rosmarie is Italian citizen, speaks four languages and lives at the Italian border in Ticino. After studies in economics and marketing which have conducted her to international management positions, she is now writing books about those Italian regions and subjects that she knows very well.


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