Troubador Far Horizons

Released: 01/07/2013

ISBN: 9781780885285

eISBN: 9781780885810

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Far Horizons

Across the Great Divide


Stalked by a black bear, experiencing a close shave with a bull buffalo, having his tent eaten by an elk and being mugged by a gang of racoons; these are just a few of the adventures Andrew Earnshaw faces in his gentle trip around North America by motorcycle. But will he survive intact when he finally comes face to face with that most dangerous of animals: the Canadian Sunday afternoon driver?

Far Horizons is a personal and light-hearted account of an attempt to circumnavigate the back roads of North America by motorcycle. Andrew’s engaging narrative will draw you in – and you’ll ride every mile of the trip with him.

From describing the minimal planning that took place and the doubts that hit once the journey began, to finding his motorcycle impounded by US Customs, Andrew’s tale takes us on a classic road trip. He delves down the Appalachians into Alabama, meets kindred spirits from the biking world and warms mile by mile into a deep appreciation of the splendour of the landscape and the friendliness of the inhabitants. As he travels through the First Nation reservations, he looks into the history surrounding the demise of the Great Plains culture, describes the victory of the Sioux at Little Bighorn and the massacre at Wounded Knee, meeting descendants of those involved.

The book is light-hearted and written in the spirit of gentle adventure by someone who admits to being a ‘pretty slow rider’ and a navigational incompetent to boot. If he manages to get back to Baltimore it will be a small miracle and hopefully, by the time he gets there, he will have finally found out what the ‘Great Divide’ really is.

On the 22nd July I appeared on Nick Coffer's BBC 3 Counties radio programme.

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'Far Horizons' is due to be reviewed in 'Southern Biker' magazine.

Move over McGregor & Boorman, Andrew Earnshaw is in town!

This book has been a pleasure to read from start to finish.
Lets face it, all true motorcyclists would love to undertake a 4 month epic adventure such as this but unfortunately finances and the dreaded work commitments will not allow for most. The author takes you round North America with him. Meeting all aspects of American and Canadian life and it's great characters. This is a well written book by a `normal' motorcyclist , whimsical at times and harrowing at others. Andrew obviously did much research prior to his tour and no doubt much after too when writing this book. He certainly headed to every place I would have if I had done this.
I learned so such about the American culture from the Native American Indians, the vast beautiful countryside, city culture and of course the Sturgis nightlife. It is written in such a matter of fact way like one buddy telling another of his adventures over a beer.
Thanks Andrew, lets hope this isn't the last.

by Stuart Robinson

So there I was hiking through the Galapagos Island's on my Honeymoon and all I could think about was where can I find a place to sit down and continue reading 'Far Horizons'.
I'm actually serious..
Like many of those born in the Y Generation, I have a rather short attention span and reading a book that's over 500 pages seems like the impossible but I must admit, I was sad when I turned to the last page, I wanted more.

I've read every motorcycle travel book i could get my hands on and I must say, this is the best one i've read yet!!
The writing style has an amazing flow to it and it has great storytelling. Its a great read and I want more!

by Nicolaus

Having reached the end, I am now suffering from withdrawal symptoms as I had become addicted to sitting down and enjoying a chapter or two of this wonderful book before bed and - wonders! - my wife even allowed me to sit and read in the sun on a couple of occasions, despite all the work needing to be done at the house.

As I read and my chuckles grew into helpless laughter, she would say: "He's off again" and I would try very hard to read her the passage that had tickled me. I am ashamed to admit that the mosquito attack was one instance - although I really do know how painful even a couple of bites can be - but can only begin to imagine a whole head full!

The other, of course, was the splendid Gold Wing scenting, stalking, harry, take-down and despatch of quarry by Muttley the Beemer. Magnifique. No, wunderbar. I honestly laughed and laughed and laughed.

Thank you for such an enthralling read. It's observant, warm-hearted, self-effacing, quietly very gutsy and completely inspirational - I really did enjoy every minute. More, please!

by Marmite

As an American it was so interesting to read about the journey of a Scottish motorcyclist and his experiences on his road trip through the United States and Canada. The author was surprised and pleased to discover that Americans are friendly, outgoing and tolerant people (there are always exceptions), the smaller cities are clean and well maintained and the countryside is breathtaking. His fears of guns toting citizens and bears were understandable, but unfounded. I enjoy reading travel books, but Mr. Earnshaw's storying telling abilities and great sense of humor made Far Horizons particularly fun to read.

by NetGalley Review

I read this book about 6 months ago and was immediately captivated by the whole idea. Though not a biker myself, it doesn't matter at all as the journey and adventures are enough for anyone, though if you are a bike fanatic it will have the added bonus. Andrew writes with a great style that keeps the reader on board.

by Gail Cranshaw

Andrew Earnshaw

Andrew Earnshaw was born and bred in South Yorkshire. Four years service in the Royal Navy from the age of seventeen led to a wanderlust that is satisfied by itinerant contract work in the oil and gas industry interspersed with motorcycle adventure travel. He has two grown-up and long suffering children who have given up on their inheritance, a partner, Diane, who sometimes travels with him, two cats who vaguely remember their owner and an eco-house in Milton Keynes which he visits occasionally.

The Author on a trip to Wyoming

Arriving at the BBC 3 Counties Radio Station 22/07/13
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