Troubador Body English

Released: 28/01/2016

ISBN: 9781785890444

Format: Paperback

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Body English

Anglo-American Encounters


Body English: bodily twisting in an attempt to influence the trajectory of a propelled object / the irregular motion or spin of the propelled object as if it were influenced by this twisting. When Americans and Britons meet, the silent power of Body English can cause lives to swerve, collide and veer. These eight stories tell of people whose paths and destinies were nudged into new directions by Body English. Two bikers – one British, one American – take shelter in an abandoned prairie schoolhouse. Slowly, bizarrely, its splintered wooden desks, forgotten drawings and dusty, ragged flag evoke the forgotten myths of boyhood. In a Yorkshire restaurant, American Sally Meline meets an old lady whose life seems disturbingly similar to that of Sally’s dead mother. Soon, though, Sally finds she has been hooked like a fly in the web. Two young men, the last of the legendary hoboes, steal rides on a freight train. But when it lurches to a halt in the middle of an Oregon forest, they discover – chillingly – that they are not alone. At midnight in the Gulf of Mexico, four roustabouts troop onto the deck of an oil rig with a cricket bat. There, in the glare of arc lamps, they play their version of the English game. Little by little, an amazing enterprise takes shape: Louisiana Cricket. Put it down to the force of Body English …

Sturgeon's Violin, Troubador Publishing, 2019

“Though this be madness, yet there is method in't..." (Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act II, Scene 2)

This is a collection of twelve tales depicting rare eccentrics and their curious deeds.

An accomplished string quartet strive for perfection. But one of the players is doomed from the moment he arrives in their rural haven.

In a moonlit garden, four sisters of mercy clasp hands and chant their deadly pact. Which of them shall be left behind?

The respectable Eleanor reads Madame Bovary, her book club’s choice of the month. Abruptly, she is engulfed in a sexual affair she could never have envisaged.

A ventriloquist resolves to burn Annie, his rags-and-stitches dummy, and open the door to a new life. But will Annie surrender?

A widower hikes to the heart of an ancient forest to scatter his wife’s ashes, then discovers a new and devastating truth.

Young Beth drives to her Kansas homestead for a family birthday. But the still shades of the cottonwoods give rise to secrets, lies, untold truths and murder.

25 years on, old friends reunite. At first relaxed and easy in the Welsh sun, they slip slowly into old rivalries, to reap what they sowed long ago.

Two widows meet at a Portuguese funeral. While the grieving tones of the fado caress the air, they discover they are linked by a strange symmetry of fate.

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Barry Baddock

I turned to writing fiction after a career of teaching in England, Wales, the United States, Portugal and Germany.

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