Troubador Baring All Down Under

Released: 01/06/2016

eISBN: 9781785896606

Format: eBook

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Baring All Down Under

Hilarious Confessions of a Bewildered Backpacker


Desperate to escape the UK despite his strong dislike of travelling, a blindfolded Steve Deeks stabs a pen into a world map to decide where to head, ending up with Australia as his destination. He then bravely embarks on his adventure into the unknown – with hilarious consequences.

Things hardly go to plan when he arrives in Sydney, where on entering his hostel dorm he discovers a strange man, caught in the throes of passion… with himself. Things don’t get much better as Deeks is subjected to numerous ordeals while struggling to make his way Down Under, where he meets various wacky individuals he cannot seem to shake-off.

Events take a surprising upturn for Deeks when he lands a job as a journalist. Immediately, he is thrown into the thick of the action, speeding to shootings and massive blazes, while putting his neck on the line when hunting down gangsters, celebrities and sport legends.

Deeks’ voyage sees him in the line of fire once more when he is forced to endure a potentially deadly river tour, followed by a swim in a murky creek with a spider-eating tour host.

Does Deeks feel enlightened and happy he left the UK after his Australian adventures? Find out in his hilarious travel confessions.

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This book started off well, with plenty of moments of humour which at times made me laugh out loud. Not many books are able to do that.

by Sylvia Vicary

Five Stars:

I have just finished reading this book and the sequel. I have not laughed so much out loud when I have read a book for years. Got some odd looks on the train a few times!! If you want a good laugh definitely download it.

by Diana G.

Five Stars:

Very hilarious book. It's well written with a British sense of humour. After reading this book I'd love to go back to Australia and to go for a new adventure .

by Hugo Vaes

Steve Deeks

STEVE DEEKS is a freelance journalist and writer, currently living in Bournemouth. During his time in Australia, Deeks was able to break a number of leading national stories whilst working in Sydney. Baring All Down Under is his debut foray into comedic writing.

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