Troubador A Time of My Life

Released: 28/11/2015

ISBN: 9781784624200

Format: Paperback

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A Time of My Life


In the 1960s, an intrepid young nurse sets off on a big adventure to the Atolls...
‘A contract was obtained from the British Colonial Service, which, together with travel documents, meant I was committed to undertake two years service as a nursing-sister, without holidays, on Tarawa (now known as Kiribati).’

A Time of My Life is Mo Rudling’s second book, and follows on from Travels with Morris (Matador 2014). She writes of the opportunity she had to work close to the Equator, as a nurse on Atolls in the centre of the Pacific Ocean, during the dying days of British Colonialism.

‘I feel cut off from the outside world, can only get the Australian News on my radio at 7a.m., and this gives out little world news. Neither have I seen a newspaper since I’ve been here. As for books; well I’m told not to expect that trunk of mine for 6 months – or more, it coming by ship not plane.’

The islanders suffer from a wide a range of issues; poverty, infant mortality and rudimentary health care. Based initially on Tarawa, Mo travels to several other Corals by small boat, where she needs to wade ashore through shallow seas to see her patients.

‘Jenny showed me around what was found to be a spread out hospital. First visit was to the leprosarium, with, I’d say, around twenty people suffering from chronic leprosy. I have to get used to the situation here. Medical supplies are limited.’

Travels with Morris

Two of us - in this my travel story, arrived in Oz as 'Ten Pound Poms'.
In due course we travelled miles and miles around the country, this in an old Morris Minor dating back to around the mid 1960's.
Course we had adventures - and I for one would call it the happiest time of my life.

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Mo Rudling

Loves writing as well as travelling.

Hope others will also enjoy reading.


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