Troubador The Art of Railway Photography

Released: 28/08/2018

ISBN: 9781788039451

Format: Hardback

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The Art of Railway Photography


An essential guide for those looking to capture the diversity of the railways.
Suitable for both seasoned and amateur railway photography enthusiasts.
The UK has a huge market for historical railway societies and railway enthusiasts. 

Photographers may have different expectations of a railway visit. Some may simply want a record of a ‘day out’, with children and partners featuring as strongly as locomotives, rolling stock or buildings. Others may want to record particular items seen in different collections, and some may want to use the railway situation to improve their technical photographic skills. Students of railway engineering might need photographic records of their work, and artists may be seeking source materials for their portfolios. For many, there may be a combination of these hopes. 

However, taking photos in a crowded train station setting, where commuters, guards and engineers must be dodged before even opening a camera bag, is a skill that takes time to perfect. Experienced railway photographer Ron Pickering provides a wealth of information to help capture unforgettable images, including how to make the most of the lighting, night time photography and post-shoot digital manipulation. 

The Art of Railway Photography offers guidance on technique and management of photographic equipment. There are also handy tips for producing the most realistic images in an enclosed environment, and on utilising the photographer’s understanding of railway working to produce memorable and artistically fulfilling photographic records.

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