Troubador Pedestrian Traffic

Released: 28/08/2019

ISBN: 9781789013474

Format: Paperback

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Pedestrian Traffic

Walking safely – Why we can't and how we may


This book looks at the deficiencies, biases and potential improvement to pedestrians’ safety and convenience. It examines more closely person crossing needs, tasks and abilities, including those for disabled people. The inconsistencies and biases of our Highway Code, lessons and shortcomings of reporting and accident investigation, as well as approaches to speed and alcohol problems and societal attitudes evidenced by court rulings are all the covered. Vehicle-related technology examined includes the ‘black box’ in motor vehicles, available automated pedestrians detection and avoidance, the potential for so-called ‘driverless’ cars, and ‘forgiving’ vehicle design. In addition, the chapters on improvements focus on potentially significant numerical reductions in pedestrian casualties – to get an idea of what could reasonably be achievable. 

The book aims to inform readers having minimal technical background while providing references for people more numerically adept. Its intent is to stimulate thought and discussion among planners, engineers, elected officials and, most of all, among people who petition their local councillors, MPs and others who can enact legislation to reduce the casualties among pedestrians.

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