Troubador Enjoyable Motoring

Released: 28/01/2016

eISBN: 9781784626518

Format: eBook

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Enjoyable Motoring

A guide to freedom from accident


The ‘born’ driver is our exemplar, yet with gifts which do yield to research. We find that his or her ‘magical’ abilities rest upon driving-values which, for us, can be understood as practicalities. By analysing these ‘magical’ abilities and the real values at their heart, we lesser mortals can become a lot happier and safer on public roads. Have you passed your driving test? If so, are you now enjoying driving as much as you should? Enjoyable Motoring explores the mysterious mind of the ‘born driver’ and will give you much food for thought. Enjoyable Motoring unveils the author’s years of research into those gifted men and women who are often vaguely referred to as ‘born drivers’. What is the secret of their ‘magical’ ability to avoid accidents – including accidents of the kind other drivers describe as unavoidable? And how does the ‘born driver’ achieve his or her wonderfully smooth integration with traffic-flow – while at the same time being able to stay so calm and relaxed? Are they really able to rely upon luck? Can that extremely unreliable component really be the secret of their enviable enjoyment? But are you a ‘born driver’ yourself? If so, Enjoyable Motoring will help you to say what you mean about your ability to avoid accidents. Providing valuable insight into accident-avoidance and driving-technique, Enjoyable Motoring will help established drivers in a position to positively influence others.

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