Troubador Three Minutes

Released: 13/09/2017

ISBN: 9781788039598

Format: Paperback

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Three Minutes


Football fan Jordan Westward blames himself for his parents' divorce. He ends up a lonely, embittered, teenage alcoholic, his descent culminating in hatred for the very sport that he once loved. 

Through a chance meeting with a childhood colleague he is offered unexpected hope and starts playing for Calverley Wanderers, a local semi-professional team. However, a horrific tackle ends his playing days. Instead of retreating into his former acrimony, he throws himself into study. He gets married and using his aggressive, hard graft, to form Westward Technologies, which becomes a major software consultancy in his Midlands home town of Woodmouth.

Having laid down any chance of playing football again, a supernatural encounter offers Westward the opportunity to fulfil his ultimate dream, but the challenges for him are endless. Woodmouth Albion are facing certain relegation and even extinction because of financial issues. He personally invests money to clear the club's debts to become their player/manager.

The morale at the club, both on the pitch and in the stands is at an all time low and even Westward's reputation for steadfast tenacity is still not seen as enough to save the club. At thirty-seven years old, his age and ability are naturally bought into question and his changes to tactics and fitness regimes are met with hostility. 

Three Minutes culminates in the excting final match of Westward's first season in charge as Woodmouth Albion make a last gasp attempt to avoid relegation.

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I found the story of Jordan Westward, both compelling and heart warming. I admire the courage and tenacity of both Jordan and his wife and look forward to seeing how their inspiring story develops.
A great effort by Mr.Ben C. Lawes. Congratulations!

by Ann S.

Ben's knowledge of football tactics is exceptional and when you read the description of the games, it's like you're actually there.

A really enjoyable read.

by Peter Baker, ex-professional footballer for Sheffield Wednesday and Q.P.R.

Ben C. Lawes

BEN WAS BORN and raised in a seaside town in the South of England. His parents divorced when he was young and consequently he says that he missed the stability and guidance of a father figure.

"I was most definitely not the most popular kid at school," he states and he scraped through with a handful of what was, back in the seventies, 'O' levels. After a brief flirt with a financial company (a job that, like Jordan Westward in Three Minutes, Ben barely hung on to because of some poor life choices) he was offered a position in the IT operations division of a major credit card company.

It soon became evident to Ben that despite his natural aptitude for IT, the minor pay increases matched the very limited opportunities to advance his career at this company. Consequently, he discovered that there was much money to be earned in the freelance IT market during what was to be the 'networking' boom of the late eighties along with the advent of personal computers. He formed his own consultancy and very soon found a hungry market for his skills.

Ben gained very lucrative contracts with major banks, oil giants and pharmaceutical companies. "For the best part of fifteen years I built a solid client base up and down the UK. It was awesome! and also, during this time, along with my wife, I came to saving faith in Jesus Christ."

He adds that as with all gravy trains, they don't stay on the tracks for long. "Changes to company laws severely depleted the IT contract industry. It was then that I decided to diversify and put my hand to novel writing amongst other activities."

Three Minutes, the first in a series of four, is his first published novel with Matador.

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