Troubador The World Tea Encyclopaedia

Released: 07/12/2020

ISBN: 9781800461567

Format: Hardback

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The World Tea Encyclopaedia

Second Edition


The World Tea Encyclopaedia aims to draw tea lovers into the rich world of tea. It does this through:  

  • Supporting tea business owners with their storytelling. 
  • Simplifying the navigation of tea taste characteristics. 
  • De-mystifying the world’s diverse tea drinking rituals.  
  • Explaining the social and environmental dimensions of tea production.  
  • Illustrating the complete origin story with the most detailed maps yet created.  
In reading the book, enthusiasts will be directed back to small tea businesses to buy the great variety of teas that have aroused their interest. Through intuitive categorisation by taste, the book will help devotees navigate the sometimes complex world of tea terminology to find a tea that suits them. It will educate, inspire and feed a new world of tea-drinking enjoyment and opportunity. The knowledge to upgrade the tea bag, to know what to seek online, to brave a journey to the local tea shop, to submit to curiosity and jump into a world of discovery, or better still: to visit the countries and people that lovingly produce it.

Great book, with very interesting facts. Perfect for discovering the beautiful world of tea and its origins.

by Jean Rene Grailhe

Will Battle

Will Battle is one of the world's foremost tea experts, he has been buying and blending teas for 25 years. His award-winning book 'The World Tea Encyclopaedia' was published in 2017 with a second edition in 2020.

Will lives in the United Kingdom where he supplies and consults on tea.

Will Battle
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