Troubador The Vintage Sports Car Competition Bulletin 1920

Released: 10/06/2010

ISBN: 9781848761940

Format: Paperback

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The Vintage Sports Car Competition Bulletin 1920


This book provides a wide angled snapshot of the competitive motoring scene in 1920.

“Vintage” as applied to motor cars was defined by The Vintage Sports Car Club. It was founded in 1934 to preserve and foster the use of cars built before the end of 1930.

It is enlightening to look at events in the early years of competitive vintage motoring and compare accomplishments then and now. What we see are makes of cars familiar to us today and others that have faded into obscurity.

We can observe the emergence and rise of makes which went on to find their niche in motoring history and impact on the lives of a generation. Amongst the drivers too, there are those who were household names at the time and may still be remembered today. Some had careers which blossomed and flourished for a while then to decline; a few tragically perished but many had long if undistinguished careers in several branches of the sport.

The factual research for this book is based on contemporary reports, predominately in The Motor with some corroboration from The Autocar.

This is a book for old car buffs that will give them pleasant memories of motoring past. It gives a wide angled snapshot of the competitive motoring scene in 1920.

In 1920, the first full season of Vintage Sports Car Competition, a large number of the competing cars were not vintage but pre war Edwardians. These formidable pieces of machinery could have been ten or more years old even then. This book includes a few monographs on newer vintage cars. These are not their competition specification but the 1920 Olympia description of near equivalent production models.

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