Troubador The Vintage Sports Car Competition Bulletin 1920

Released: 10/06/2010

ISBN: 9781848761940

Format: Paperback

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The Vintage Sports Car Competition Bulletin 1920


Most old car books deal with specific makes, specific drivers or a specific series of events. This book provides a detailed overview of all the events in the first full year of vintage motor sport. It fully sets the scene for anyone interested in motor sport’s vintage years and provides the background and context for readers of more specific publications.

Written in the style of a magazine, which can be dipped into time and again, the book assesses the performances of individual cars and drivers and provides a wide angled snapshot of the competitive motoring scene in 1920, such as an enthusiast may have picked up from a motoring periodical of the day.

This is not intended to be a scholarly work. There is no bibliography, references section or academic commentary and discussions reflect the opinions expressed in editorial and correspondence columns of the day. The aim is to provide a comforting bedside book for old car buffs that will get them nodding off to sleep and dreaming peacefully of motoring pleasures past!

All proceeds from the sale of the book will be dontated to the Rotary International campaign Polio Plus.

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