Troubador The Hungry Soul

Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781789015461

Format: Hardback

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The Hungry Soul

Because you need to EAT!


Jacques Brennan invites readers to tuck into The Hungry Soul, an essential new cookbook stuffed with easy and delicious recipes for beginners. Covering all areas of cooking from boiling pasta to making a four course meal, all the recipes within the book are vegan, nutritious and guaranteed to delight readers’ taste buds.  

With recipes ranging from tomato bruschetta to red lentil dhal, and from preparing the perfect pizza to serving up a delicious dessert, Jacques shares straightforward meals that are guaranteed to impress diners. The Hungry Soul also contains methods of cooking essential ingredients which, once mastered, will enable the reader to make an unlimited combination of dishes and meals.  

Cooked up to combat a dearth of culinary ability, The Hungry Soul contains a recipe for every appetite. Jacques seasons his book with a guide to useful utensils and culinary techniques, the perfect meal for every occasion and how to set the scene. This book of vegan delights will sate the appetite of readers who are keen to create simple, cheap and flavoursome food.

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Jacques Brennan

Jacques Brennan has fed many mouths and continues to do so. Food is in his blood, literally - a French heritage, a life of travel and demanding offspring are among his culinary influences. He is a proponent of the plant-based dietary movement and veganism.

His style is spontaneous, passionate and some might say a little mad !

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