Troubador On the One Road to Lisbon

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781788037693

Format: Paperback

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On the One Road to Lisbon


Join ‘the team on the bus’ for a wild pilgrimage through Europe to the legendary 1967 European Cup Final!


In 1967, one football team surpassed the odds and took on the mighty Inter Milan in a match that brought fans from all over the world. On the One Road to Lisbon is their story, an epic pilgrimage in a twelve-seater VW bus that brims with misadventures, starting in Dover, roaming through Spain and Portugal, before finally reaching journey’s end and the thrilling final.


The story centres on the author’s own father and uncles, and as such is very much part road-story, part-football. While fans will appreciate the exhilarating atmosphere of the matches, the book is not just for the football aficionado. Humour and moments of suspense are woven through every episode as the reader begins to root for both the Celtics and the ‘team on the bus’.


A cast of hilarious and defined characters joins the family, from the sporting legend to the everyman. The Celtic  boss ‘The Big Man’ and the prince of full backs share the page with wee Tommy who only got to go once he’d got his giro, the Milky Bar Kid who was picked up on the cross-roads outside Burgos and the Glasgow Corporation uniform-wearing bus conductor who didn’t even tell his wife he was going. This is a story for the ages and includes you as an eager teammate on the one road to Lisbon.

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