Troubador Martial Arts Training Through The Teacher’s Eyes

Released: 28/10/2016

ISBN: 9781785893681

Format: Paperback

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Martial Arts Training Through The Teacher’s Eyes

What he sees is what you get


Embedded in the pages is the story of the making of a teacher of the martial arts and the methods he uses to teach martial arts to children and adults at the Traditional Martial Arts Institute based in Aberdeen, Scotland. The author, Grand Master David J. Harrell has dedicated most of his life to the study and practice of an ancient art of self defence, and to the development of those skills that would allow him to share his knowledge with the next generation. His book tells the story of his personal journey in martial arts and the lessons learned from fifty-three years of training. The book begins with the author’s introduction to martial arts in his home town in Suffolk at a time when segregation usually led to the exclusion of black children and adults from these white-dominated activities. Even at this early stage GM Harrell had a strong desire to teach and he asked his first, and every subsequent teacher to teach him to teach the martial arts. He goes on to describe those things that he learned from each of his teachers about how to share knowledge and skill with students of all ages and ability levels. In addition he reveals numerous insights gained from his many years of teaching and training. The book explains how he makes use of modern teaching methods and resources to replicate and remain faithful to what has been handed down to him by his instructors, including the traditions and values of martial art training.

A truly gifted and dedicated Grand Master Harrell shares his personal life, also a true account of development, in both studying and teaching martial arts.
Grand Master Harrell describes skills and knowledge from his Masters and how he was able to transfer this down through generations of students, some of whom share their experience of martial art and how this has benefitted them and their development in life.
A knowledgeable, interesting and enjoyable read for all ages, whether of martial art background or not.

My family and I certainly benefitted as students having Grand Master Harrell's guidance in our life, we are eternally grateful, he plays an important role model to us all.

by Gail Grant

A thoroughly enjoyable read which gives an interesting insight into Grandmaster Harrell's earlier years and showcases his knowledge of the martial art. Loyalty and respect are two characteristics which are not easy to gain; Grandmaster has not only demonstrated these towards his teachers throughout his life, but he is subsequently ingraining these values in his very own students. Regardless of their rank, his students are always learning and developing.
I am a proud mum of three black belts who are benefiting greatly from his skills and experience as they continue to learn and grow as martial artists. That is a truly wonderful legacy to pass on.

by Nazia Shafi

I have worked with GM Harrell for over forty years; traveled with him to Korea, worked national championships together, you name it. All of the information in this book is what every instructor knows, after decades of learning things the hard way. Those who follow us are now able to avoid the mistakes we made learning these lessons by using our mistakes instead. Much as the gift of martial art has been passed down from teacher to student for centuries, now the art of teaching can also be passed down, making a smoother path for future instructors. If you plan on making martial arts a long term endeavor, read this book and increase your chances of success!

by GM Robert Nicholls

Grand Master David Harrell's book
Martial arts trainning through the teachers eyes
Is an inspiration and an incite a must read for anyone in martial arts

by Bruce Clark

GM Harrell begins his book by giving us a history of his own life, describing the things that made the deepest impressions on him as a person and as a martial artist. He then goes on to distil those experiences down into his philosophy of teaching, borne out of observations of what each of his own teachers did successfully to educate him and their other students.
The book emphasises the importance of treating each student as an individual, and describes the key things GM Harrell has learned a martial arts teacher needs to focus on in providing a training programme that gives each what student what they need to be supported and to develop. A thoughtful reflection on the experiences that made GM Harrell into the teacher he is today, I read this book in one sitting.

by Chris Brown

An astounding first book by Grandmaster David Harrell.
Not at all what i was expecting, as the first half of the book is a delightful and deeply interesting story into this mans unique ad varied life that ultimately led him to be the type of insightful teacher he is and to pen this book.
The journey you are taken on by the author is insightful but also genuinely interesting! You sometimes forget you are reading a martial arts novel in the way you are embroiled in the story of the authors life. However these adventures, lessons and stories are resolutely brought back into martial focus when the benefits and pitfalls of the acquistion of this knowledge and the passing on of knowledge is applied and explained; through the teachers eyes.

by Elliot Thornton

Gm Harrell first book is totally out of this world. Once I pick up the book I couldn't put it down. Way Gm Harrell starts the book off letting us know about his personal life as young child his illness he suffer when he young he was a fighter then. So much details it's great pleasure to have able to read this book. In my eyes as a student he like a father figure as well as teacher. Can't wait for book two to come out but in all honestly I hope this book one is made into film.

by Iona Hutchison

Really interesting!! The Author takes you through a different world in every line he writes. His experience, ambition, struggling, finding his own ways to put his effect as a great teacher by real understanding of life and martial art masters on his students. You will find that sharing his knowledge, experience and studies will teach you how to have your own personal development starting from the basic tools, study every move, make your own defences in order to find your own success. Remember it's okay to be different.

The way he loves his student and how he keeps finding ways to bring the best from each one of them in order to become great fighter in their life no matter what, is a great achievement to be proud of to keep going.

I really advise all the readers to read the book no matters if you experience the martial arts or not .

by Rawan Sarhan

Hell Pree (aka GM Harrell), I just finished reading your book.

I must admit that it is a wonderful piece of literature. It is a saga, a revelation, a universal teaching tool, and a magnificent marriage of mind, body and spirit.

Obviously, I am quite knowledgeable of what makes a successful teacher. Hell ... my vocation as English Department chair for over twenty-five years attests to that.

But you brought to me, your altruistic brother, a greater understanding of the demands of the physical prowess that must be satisfied.

I love the way you aligned/fused the universal pedagogical strategies to the physical. It was ingenious how you traveled through you life experience and used such as part of the teaching tool. I did that for forty years, and, yes, it works!

Kudos to you. You make me proud.

Michael L. Harrell

by Michael L. Harrell

Wow what a captivating read. Thoroughly enjoyed every page and learnt so much about how to improve my teaching techniques. Can't wait for the next one.

by Seelan Rengasamy Black Belt 5th Dan Tae Kwon Do

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