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Troubador Like Father, Love Son

Released: 01/02/2011

ISBN: 9781848765450

Format: Paperback

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Like Father, Love Son

Walking back to happiness


Like Father, Love Son is a vivid account of Alan and his son Ian's challenging walk along a circuit of Mont Blanc, up and down the Italian, Swiss and French Alps. A Unique blend of travel, autobiography and family history, peppered with humour and laughter on every page.

From the author of Ancient Feet comes this hilarious new book about reviving a father and son bond while tackling a challenging circuit of Mont Blanc.

The modern world takes its toll on family life. Alan Nolan has spent the last 20 years apart from his son Ian, who is based in Italy. Deciding that the best way to revive their father / son bond is to undertake an energy-sapping walk through the Italian, Swiss and French Alps on a tough Mont Blanc trek, Alan and Ian set off on their high adrenaline adventure. Like Father, Love Son is Alan’s vivid account of their trip, a unique blend of travel, autobiography and family history peppered with humour. You’ll laugh out loud as they encounter a French Mr. Bean, the American Burt Kwouk, the Australian hitman and at their night spent at the Randy Nurse’s.

Convinced that many of us don’t really know our parents because we accept them as they are without asking about their past, Alan decides that Ian needs to know why he was called ‘Killer’ Nolan as a boy and what prompted him to abandon his fledgling boxing career at Teddy Snowball’s gym.

Anyone who has read Ancient Feet, Alan’s side-splitting account of his eventful crossing of the North of England with five mates on the Coast to Coast Walk, will already know that Like Father, Love Son will be a barrow load of entertainment, as well as some home truths about our relationships in this modern era.

Ancient Feet is an enjoyable romp through the countryside without any of the usual aches, pains or wet socks. Alan Nolan and his friends are terrific companions, so thanks to them for letting us readers tag along.
Nick Hancock

Fellwalking Club

Shropshire Star

Market Drayton Advertiser

The Sentinel, February 2011

Stoke Sentinel

Shropshire Star

The Sentinel Newspaper

Southport Visitor

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Alan Nolan

Born and raised in Southport, Lancashire, Alan started work in Liverpool in 1963, just when the 'Cavern' seemed to be the centre of the universe. The pop world was dominated by the Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers, the Searchers and all the other Liverpool groups of the time. Everyone Alan met or worked with was either related to, went to school with or lived next door to someone who was in the charts. Even the woman who served in the sweet shop next door to the office claimed to be the mother of one of the Merseybeats.

Despite the distractions of pop and football, he managed to pick up a good grounding in his chosen career of financial services and, after working in his home town of Southport and in Manchester, by the time he was in his late twenties he found himself in North Staffordshire, where he lives to this day. In 1985, he opened his own business as an Independent Financial Adviser, which became a partnership in 2000. Alan retired in 2006.

Now living with his partner, Suzy, and their three border collies in a converted village school in a small hamlet in rural North Staffordshire,

he still follows his beloved Liverpool Football Club, but only on television these days. Also, he enjoys fellwalking, which is what prompted him to write his first book, Ancient Feet.

Alan appeared in the BBC television series Wainwright Walks: Coast to Coast with Julia Bradbury which has been shown on both BBC2 and BBC4 and is now out on DVD.

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