Troubador Leicester Squash Club

Released: 01/12/2013

ISBN: 9781783060887

Format: Paperback

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Leicester Squash Club

The First Seventy-Five Years


This book tells the story of Leicester Squash Club, designed to be one of the leading squash establishments in Europe. Built in Art Deco style in 1936 as a state-of-the-art, four-court facility with an integral bar and viewing gallery, this iconic club now celebrates its first seventy-five years by adding new championship courts and a gym to the existing playing capacity. This history of the club mirrors the changing social and sporting developments of the city and county and charts the extraordinary expansion of a game which, at its peak, was said to be played by 7% of the country’s adult population.

The sweep of the book takes readers from the off-court excesses of rugger playboy and former Tigers player Prince Obelensky, famed for his part in defeating the All Blacks, through the swimming-pool parties enjoyed by the American forces stationed in Leicester during the war, to the exhibition matches by visiting world champions. It charts the fascinating life and times of this unique sporting club and its nationally and internationally ranked players. World class professional Yusuf Khan, world amateur champion Michael Oddy and record-breaking, thirteen-time county champion Ian Turley all feature in this journey through the world of top-ranking squash players that have been based at the Club over so many years.

This is not just a book about squash, but a social and sporting history of the changing times that turned a game, formerly enjoyed by only public school and military institutions, into a national sport. Leicester Squash Club: The First Seventy-Five Years will be a valuable addition to the records of life in Leicester over the past seven decades.

The main character of David's first book: Tea, Love and War is Stuart Poyser who left England in 1930 to work on a tea estate in Assam. Stuart fathered a child by a native woman on the estate and his daughter's quest for her roots is central to the story

'Moving tale of love and loss in wartime Assam'

England Squash and Racketball newsletter

Leicester Mercury

Superb book about one of Great Britains' most iconic Clubs, its beginning, history, its many International members, and wonderful stories and anecdotes.

by Martin Pearse

David Mitchell

The author of Bluffer's Guides to both Law and Divorce, David was inspired to write Tea,Love and War by the extraordinary history of his newly discovered Indian family. David is a solicitor and former judge, a trustee of a leading independent school and enjoys golf, tennis and squash. His book on Leicester Squash Club celebrates the building of new courts to mark the 75th anniversary of the Club

David Mitchell

Stuart Poyser aged 20
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