Troubador Komino Puzzles

Released: 28/06/2018

ISBN: 9781788039819

Format: Paperback

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Komino Puzzles


Logic puzzle book which uses a unique set of logic rules 
to position number pairs like a jigsaw puzzle.
The design elements and logic rules permit a freedom of puzzle layouts.  
There are no other puzzles which have this kind of variety or use this type of logic.

For logical minds, Komino Puzzles combine the essence of a jigsaw puzzle with logic that determines where and how its parts fit together. This helps to make it a completely novel puzzle solving experience. The book contains twelve different puzzle designs and there are 200 puzzles in the book.  

Although the rules are easy to learn, the puzzles can be surprisingly challenging on occasions. Each puzzle has been designed to become progressively harder as you advance through the book. 

There is only one solution for each puzzle, and all the answers along with detailed hints on how the puzzles can be solved are provided at the back of the book. The hints also give an insight into the hidden depths that are possible with these puzzles and this would give experienced puzzle solvers a taste of the challenges that lie inside. 

It is really awesome, I just came accross this book while looking for any puzzle book for my elder boy. Now even I cannot stop myself solving these puzzles but I need to fight for my chances though. Recommend highly.

by Suman Bhattacharya

I came across this puzzle book while looking for a new one. It is really good and challenging. I like the fact that it includes different designs and patterns and each one is a different challenge. The more of your own techniques you will discover along the way , the better it will get. I will definitely recommend this puzzle to any one who likes solving them.

by ahmet

The puzzles are beautifully laid out and clear to read. They're great to pass time on the train or simply binge on a Sunday afternoon. It's possible to dip between different puzzle layouts as you please which is nice for when you get stuck (or just want to change things up a bit!). There are some sharp difficulty spikes within some chapters but I found leaving them and attempting other puzzles often helped me learn new strategies with which I could go back and attempt the others. They're strangely addictive - I'd definitely recommend giving them a try!

by Jess

I dip in and out of puzzles and occasionally get hooked on one. This is one of those . Started the Daily puzzle on the internet and then got the book. Like all the best puzzles, a simple set of rules but a brilliant idea. Each new pattern as you work through the book changes the challenge. Perfect present for a puzzler. Keep dipping in for just one more puzzle. Recommend you give it a go

by Mr. P. M. Hough

The book I reach out to when I need a break from all the hustle and bustle, a great companion anywhere, any day, any time. I just love the concept. There are different levels which makes it even more challenging and enjoyable - great brain boosting activities. You won't regret having this book around!

by Angela

Kevin Bentley

Kevin Bentley was born in Fareham, England. he is a computer programmer with over 30 years experience. He has a lifelong interest in solving all kinds of puzzles from Rubiks cube to Sudoku.

Komino puzzles were invented by him in June 2016. He has created over 30 different designs of Komino puzzles of which 12 are presented in his first book.

Kevin also enjoys composing music for the piano , unicycling and salsa dancing. Komino Puzzles is his debut book.

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