Troubador In Your World & Mind

Released: 20/01/2017

eISBN: 9780995552111

Format: eBook

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In Your World & Mind


Is success down to who we have around us and listen to? Well this book examines that theory and looks into how some of our most successful sports and entertainment people built their teams and made sure they had the right people around them. 

Alex Ferguson, David Beckham, Lewis Hamilton, Andy Murray and Davina McCall are some of the people assessed. 

A major part of getting the best out of oneself is to take responsibility for who is In Your World. Andy Murray is someone who is a great team builder and his success is there for everyone to see. 

Along with identifying the right people you also have to know which people will have a toxic effect on your life – Dream Stealers for instance. The book gives the reader ways of identifying people that are not conducive to a positive environment.

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