Troubador Engaging Racket Sports Coaching Games

Released: 28/11/2022

ISBN: 9781803135533

Format: Paperback

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Engaging Racket Sports Coaching Games


Why repeat endless drills when players are not in the army? 

Why queue when all players can be actively involved throughout? 

Why repeat when you can innovate?

Why only replicate the past when the sky's the limit?

Why tell players the answers when they can discover solutions for themselves?

Open players' minds by providing engaging games that put them in control. Each game within provides an interesting problem that challenges players to find personalised solutions embedded through immersion. Players become empowered to take responsibility for their learning through experimentation. 

Common drills and practices direct players to use set solutions for contrived scenarios, reinforcing a closed mindset to problem solving. Instead, the games within open players' minds to a range of possibilities by guiding them towards a wider range of tools. This allows players to identify which tools are more relevant to each situation, without limiting their use.

Each game uses a realistic situation to solve a particular problem, whilst making it difficult for players to 'cheat'. Players are subtly guided towards discovering the relevant skills and tactics. Games are diverse, engaging and have flexible conditions to suit a range of ability levels. 

Over 130 games across a range of topics cater for coach specific challenges such as:

  • The fundamentals of racket-eye co-ordination,
  • Making learning technical skills enjoyable,
  • Building rallies,
  • Footwork and movement,
  • Identifying and creating space,
  • Decision making in match play,
  • Developing fitness by maintaining session intensity.

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Kim Melnik


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