Troubador Emu Racing and Record Chasing

Released: 28/03/2019

ISBN: 9781789016949

eISBN: 9781838598754

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Emu Racing and Record Chasing

A Teenager’s Ride Around the World


In 2015, 19-year-old Londoner, Tom Davies rode 18,000 miles to become the youngest person ever to cycle around the world. Emu Racing and Record Chasing recounts his journey, covering 100 miles a day and visiting 21 different countries to complete a very big circle from London to London. 

Emu Racing and Record Chasing takes an unapologetic look at the world from a bicycle saddle. The narrative goes beyond the hardships Tom faced, focusing on the brutally honest thoughts of a teenager pushing himself to the limit. Covering everything from coping with new cultures and dealing with extreme boredom to living with ridiculous tan lines, the light-hearted nature and humour of the book makes this an easy read which will appeal to a wide audience.

Laying bare his emotions and youthful naivety with the aim of inspiring others to push for their own personal goals, Tom provides an insight into why he took on this challenge. Whether it makes readers laugh, cry or start riding a bike into the sunset, this book is sure to resonate, motivate and amaze.

Inspirational. If we all had a bit of Tom in us I am sure the world would be a better place. The determination to overcome the sheer mental will power and physical demands to undertake such a challenge are worthy of much recognition. Each chapter brings to life every pedal stroke, the grit, the sweat, the tears and the laughter, what an amazing journey from an amazing young man. Certainly worth a read if you want a little extra push to get on and challenge yourself.

by Fraser

Couldn’t put it down! That’s also saying something as I very rarely read. Very funny, easy and enjoyable!

Rather than a day by day diary which would have been repetitive, it was more of an insight into the trip as a whole, different countries/cultures Tom went to as well as his motivation and pain he went through which made it very interesting and amusing.

Would 10/10 recommend, it’s great.

by George Fahmy

A fantastic read and a great insight into what must have been an incredibly tough but rewarding journey! I found myself thinking of ways to emulate what Tom achieved - a truly inspirational book!

by Henry

Tom Davies has achieved more in his life (so far) than many attempt in a life-time. This book is a combination of technical and practical detail, journal entries from his blog written at the time, and his reflections after he completed his extraordinary journey. It is an interesting, well-written, heart-felt and often humorous read. Highly recommended.

by Caroline

A really inspiring read, full of emotion by a driven teenager who has given us a very full account of his challenge to cycle around the world. A must read for all ages.

by Sm

I was lucky enough to meet Tom on his travels - for a morning. So I was keen to read his book. It is an amazing first book - easy to read and very entertaining.
Tom avoided the day by day itinerary and instead each chapter focused on a different aspect of himself or the trip (eg self-doubt, wildlife, cities). This made the book more interesting for me.

The story is inspirational and funny. If you read on the bus, expect a few odd looks as there are some laugh out loud moments.

I did not expect to be inspired, as I am a cynical old bas****, and Toms achievement of riding around the world is beyond my event horizon. But his writing style and his honest reflection of the emotional and physical difficulties he encountered have inspired me.

This book is well worth reading - 10/10.

by Peter

A great read - couldn’t put it down! Loved the adventure and emotional rollercoaster that happened over the 18000 miles - amazing! Genuinely inspiring!

by Melinda

As I’m not a cyclist but I do live with one I found the book most informative. I feel better equipped to empathise and sympathise ! Particularly when it comes to wind and mountains. I’m not sure I’ll ever come to understand "the why" but I do think I have more of an understanding as to why cyclists do what they do. A book to inspire anyone who decides to do something out of their comfort zone.
Some mature and thoughtful writing and some laugh out loud moments too. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

by Well Read

What a brilliant book Tom. You have written an honest and extremely readable book (I read it in 3 sittings), one which I would have enjoyed reading equally had it been written by somebody I do not know is fantastic...if I was still working I would insist all the students in my school read it (even if they were in detention at the time!!) ... the only down side is that i now feel utterly inadequate and the only cure will be to do something equally mad....the biggest difference being that my record will have to be the oldest person who.....(to be filled in later).

by Andy Moore

Tom Davies

After becoming the youngest person to cycle around the world and raising over £67,000 for charity, Tom was named as one of 'England's youngest high achievers' by the BBC and received the award 'Most Inspirational Young Person 2015' in the Houses of Parliament - courtesy of Kids Count.

Now studying engineering at Loughborough University and working for a sports technology start-up (INCUS Performance), Tom continues to push himself physically through competitive cycling and triathlon. By sharing his exploits, Tom aims, not only to entertain others, but to inspire them to push their own limits.

Credit: Cycling Weekly (Daniel Gould)
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