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Released: 28/08/2015

eISBN: 9781783065974

Format: eBook

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Curried Chess


Got a Chess set? Fancy a choice of ten spiced up versions of the game? Then Curried Chess is for you! From the easy but fun to play Knightspawn, or the very mobile Noble Wings Chess, to the no King, exotic moves territory battle that is Stratak. You might want to get to grips with Barbed Chess, where there is danger around every corner, or the appetising Kingspawn Take-Away, where the humble Pawn explodes into prominence, as with the crossover – Kingspawn Noble Wings. Then there are two games that create added suspense: firstly, Double-Take, where decisions are made in secret before the start of the game, and then sprung on your opponent at the moment of choice. Or, if you choose to stay poised, ready to attack with everything at the right moment – then Cobra Strike! is the game for you. There are two short range variations: Short Chess!, invites you to play standard chess with half the range, and Barbed Short Chess is where the Knights become Knight-mares! With all but one of these games, you are encouraged, if you wish, to add or substitute features or moves from other games in this ebook to create your own versions – in the Extra Spiced – By You listing, with your opponents consent of course! There are millions of chess players who might fancy a change from the moves in the traditional game. Curried Chess offers players a number of dynamic games that have twists and traps to ensure an exciting game. Whether the game is short or long, Markus Stormson covers all aspects of the game, keeping even the most amateur player in mind. All played with your chess set on the 8x8 chequered board – so don’t be bored again, “check” it out, Curried Chess is there to spice up your chess life!

THE TIMES - 23rd October 2015
Chess - Raymond Keene

To paraphrase Dr Samuel Johnson, a man who is tired of chess is tired of life. However, if one is seized by the urge to meander down the paths of alternative chess variations on our noble game then Curried Chess, Innovative ways to spice up your chess, by Marcus Stormson (published by Matador Books - see offers such arcane delicacies as Barbed Chess, Noble Wings Chess, Cobra Strike and Double take?

The SPECTATOR - Sat 5th December

With Christmas approaching, those in search of unusual presents for chess loving bibliophile friends and relatives would do well to consider Markus Stormson's Curried Chess, this is a curio, packed with an interesting selection of ingenious and obscure variants on the game. Among the rarities it explores are Barbed Short Chess, Takeover Chess, and Stratak. This compendium is available from regular outlets and @

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Markus Stormson

Born in Lincolnshire, now living in Cheshire, England, with his partner Sandra. Markus Stormson has worked in industry all his adult life. From childhood he has been drawn to strategy games, and is now keen to share some ideas with others. Markus enjoys reading historical & science fiction. Travelling far & wide is a must, from the Borneo Jungle, to the Pacific North West of America.

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