Troubador Cricket on Everest

Released: 01/07/2012

ISBN: 9781780882055

Format: Paperback

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Cricket on Everest

The Inspirational Story of the World’s Highest Cricket Match


Cricket on Everest starts with an idea over a pint of beer and ends with a world record at 5,165 metres above sea level. In 2009, 50 people from the UK, many of whom had never met until a year earlier, played the highest ever game of cricket on the slopes of the world’s tallest mountain. The idea captured the imagination of people around the globe, making front page news in several countries; being followed by millions through daily TV news updates and raising more than £100k for charity. What people did not see, however, was what happened behind the scenes. The book details several near-misses that the organisers kept quiet – including securing permission to enter the National Park where Everest is situated just a day before the group were due to arrive. Friendships were pushed to the very limit and many people gave their all to organise a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The heartache from several people dropping out of the expedition was counteracted by the highs of taking part in such a unique and life-changing experience. Ultimately, this a story of 50 people going outside of their comfort zones to achieve something many thought impossible. It brought people and communities together, changed the lives of many and reminded everyone that adventure is accessible to anyone. Cricket on?Everest will appeal to fans of sport and travel writing. Author Alan has been inspired by Harry Thompson’s Penguins Stopped Play and Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air.

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Cricket Yorkshire

Truly inspirational read. Very well written, great pictures - in depth chilling descriptions that take you to the summit from the comfort of your armchair.
These guys are actual heroes.
Silly idea - amazing read.
Get hold of a copy.

by Jeffrey Reader

Thoroughly enjoyable read, well written, a great idea. Waiting for the sequel !

by Anne Griffiths

I've read the book and been moved by the friendships and support that existed through the whole expedition. I enjoyed Alan's style of writing, almost a diary but not quite. He writes well about the people involved and was right to leave the final words to the expedition leader. Tell him well done and to all who took part you should be very proud of your achievements and a wonderful adventure up in the Himalayas.

by Averelle Nicklin

A fascinating and engaging read - Curr tells the story in a way that keeps you turning the pages and wanting to know more. He's not too scared to tell it how it is and successfully focuses on all the people involved, including the various sub plots that happen as a result of bringing together such a mix of different characters. At the same time he manages to weave humour and entertainment into what is a gripping and thought provoking story. From the pub to the pitch he keeps you engaged in what is a truly awesome account of an incredible adventure.

by jay

Such an inspiring story and a brilliant read. For someone who isn't in to cricket in the slightest, I didn't have high hopes - however I couldn't put it down. The author writes with passion and energy and really draws you into the whole experience.

by Emily Carter

Cricket on Everest is an engaging and inspiring true story of tenacity, team work and endeavour. You don't need to be a cricket fan or a climber to enjoy this book - Curr's detailed narrative and story-telling prowess will keep you entertained from start to finish as Everest and cricket take a back seat to the personal stories of the many people involved. If this doesn't have you planning a trip to Nepal, nothing will.

by Sam Foskett

If you like cricket; read it. If you are a fan of adventure against the odds; read it. If you want to be inspired and amazed at what a group of people thrown together can do; read it. In other it. A truly sensational read for pretty much every book lover. Expertly written, dynamic, fast paced, literate, anecdotal and amusing this really does tick all the boxes. Thoroughly enjoyable.

by Phil Burdekin

Alan Curr

Alan Curr was born in Gibraltar in 1981 and has travelled from a young age. A career in the industry followed graduation from University, along with short work placements in the media for The Times, The Telegraph, Cricinfo and The Non-League Paper.

After Cricket on Everest Alan moved to Kathmandu for three months before going to work in the Adventure Travel Industry; organising expeditions to places as wild as Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The author in Kathmandu after the trek

Playing Cricket on Mount Everest
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