Troubador Body-flight Basics

Released: 28/01/2020

ISBN: 9781838590949

Format: Paperback

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Body-flight Basics


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Body-flight Basics breaks down the mechanics of skydiving and wind tunnel flying, presenting a definable structure that helps to bolster an individual’s body-flight progression. It also provides guidance and support to both novice and experienced body-flyers that wish to achieve their full potential in the aerial environment. No matter who you are or your current level of skill, this book is for all those who want to take their flying to the next level. 

Starting with the fundamentals, it takes the reader all the way from achieving basic skills right through to mastering advanced vertical and angled flying styles. All skills and drills covered are (with some small amount of adjustment) transferable between the wind tunnel environment and the sky, making Body-flight Basics a valuable compendium for both tunnel flyers and skydivers alike.

It is primarily a technical book, but is written in a warm, conversational style making it relatable, fun and easy to follow. The book also includes introductory contributions from some of the world’s leading body-flight pioneers, making it as philosophically insightful as it is technically comprehensive. It is a book about us: who we are, and how we fly as individuals. There really is nothing else quite like it!

This book delivers exactly what the title suggests .... explains (in great detail) the mechanics of Basic BodyFlight.
I wish it had been published when I began flying my body years ago.
All the techniques and body positions learnt over years of trial and error ..... now covered in one book.
An excellent companion to coached tunnel or skydiving time. For everyone from the keen novice to experienced ninja alike, this book has something for everyone.
Good work :)

by Muz Cliff

A fantastic source of knowledge and advice for anyone looking to get into or progress flying both in the tunnel and the sky.

A huge amount of information that should definitely be on your coffee table (or anywhere else you want to keep it)

by Chris Sears

Amazing book with so much knowledge to take in. Incredibly well explained and easy to understand too! This book should be in every skydiver hands.

by John Burns

As a relatively novice skydiver and aspiring free flyer this book has given mean excellent grasp of body flight in an easy to understand and informative manner. The diagrams and pictures are excellent and put it all into context. Absolutely recommend this to any beginner sky divers out there considering the purchase .. it may not be cheap but it’s the cost of a jump and a pack job and you’ll learn far more from this than you will on that 1 jump ! Blue skies ........

by Mark D

This book is fantastic. I am a skydiving Coach (FS, FF, TR and Speed) and I run Indoor Skydiving events. I will be using this book as my handbook for teaching bodyflying from now on.. I can also use it to keep my skills developing. It covers everything from basic to top level, the whole toolbox you NEED to be a good flyer.. Definitely worth the investment!!

by Mikey Lovemore, Altitude Brothers

As a seasoned coach I can say with 100% sincerity that Body-Flight Basics is the book we all talked about writing the last 20 yrs. Andy beat us all to it.

by Ray Kubiak

Excellent book. The skydiving bible of our generation. Informative for all levels and an instant classic. Great work Andy.

by Alex m

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