Troubador Are You Ready For the Next Rocket?

Released: 21/07/2015

eISBN: 9781784626020

Format: eBook

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Are You Ready For the Next Rocket?


Have you always wanted to be an astronaut or rocket scientist, but instead of studying up on your maths and science, messed about in class?

Nevermind, you could still build a model rocket and fly it from the park! But what happens when you’re challenged to build Britain’s biggest private rocket and launch it at a public event on the village cricket pitch?

Teletext is counting down the hour, and the local brass band is playing to the crowd chanting, “Where’s the rocket?”, and the TV crew has arrived!

Mission control: We may have a problem!

This is an ebook about amateur rocket exploits, in particular Britain’s biggest model rocket, the 23 foot tall Javelin Challenge, first seen in 1998.

You may have seen it on the television news, or read about it in the newspapers, but this is the true story behind the media coverage, covering not just the rockets, but the people who put on the famous white launch suits, to face the spills and thrills.

This story contains all the elements of true British farce as the Rocketman and his launch crew have to battle against not just the British weather and the technical faults, but health and safety, political correctness and a spate of bugger rocket challengers on the horizon!

You don’t have to be a rocketeer to enjoy this ebook, but it might give you nightmares if you’re thinking of being one!

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