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Released: 28/07/2018

ISBN: 9781789013320

Format: Hardback

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Another Perspective

History of Pakistan Cricket 1977-98


Another Perspective provides a unique point of view on the revamping and development of Pakistan cricket. With a focus on a critical time period (1977 to 1998) left mostly unexplored by the body of cricket historians, the publication seeks to delve deeper into the behind the scenes of cricket, not only as a popular sport, but as one of the most expansive entertainment industries of Pakistan. A communications industry veteran, Taher Memon stepped into the sporting sphere with a profile in advertising, marketing and communication with a multinational, and, over a period spanning two decades, left his own indelible mark on the cricket industry. Encouraged by Salim Parvez, cricket author and historian, he rose to the challenge of illuminating a phase of cricket history which featured, among many firsts of sports sponsorship in Pakistan, the memorable 1987 and 1996 World Cup events co-hosted by the Pakistan Cricket Board. Taher takes the reader through this previously uncharted territory, illustrating his account with factual evidence built on documents, photographs and video footage from his private archive. Through the lens of Pakistani culture and business, one can experience the social and patriotic dimensions of cricket and its proliferation across the nation. In a manner that is both authentic and captivating, he enables the reader to navigate the rapidly changing and challenging environment during this transformative time in cricket history. This first-hand account examines the driving forces behind the growth of cricket in Pakistan and the tireless efforts put in by a single sponsor, which lifted the game to a higher level. Bringing light to operations that typically occupy our periphery, Another Perspective expands the scope of cricket.

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