Troubador A Dog on the Downs

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781788037938

Format: Paperback

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A Dog on the Downs

An Appreciation of a Unique Part of Kent’s North Downs


Inspired by Maryanne Grant Traylen’s daily walks with her dog, and by the moments of beauty afforded by living between sea and Down, A Dog on the Downs evokes the North Kent countryside in its different moods, seasons and weathers, combined with a narrative that invokes a sense of the geology and history that has shaped the landscape. Black dog is not only Maryanne’s walking companion but her visual constant, looking elegant, even Gormley-like, against the green of hill or blue of sea.

Concentrating on Kent’s North Downs framed at the east, west, north and south by Kingsdown Beach, New Barn, Denton and the sea respectively, the book will enchant readers with the lyrical quality of Maryanne’s writing and photographs as together Maryanne and her dog explore the landscapes right on their doorstep.

Vividly bringing this stretch of Downs to life, join Maryanne and her dog as they discover the cliffs at Kingsdown, St. Margaret’s, Dover and Folkestone, as they take a dip into the sea and swing inland to the Downs and cut across the escarpments of Arpinge and Etchinghill towards Wye, losing themselves in glorious valleys and villages

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