Troubador 500 Cryptic Clues

Released: 01/02/2012

eISBN: 9781780887869

Format: eBook

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500 Cryptic Clues


500 Cryptic Clues is the perfect book for all crossword solvers and puzzle lovers.

June Scott has compiled lists of cryptic clues (usually only found in crossword grids) and challenges her readers to solve them. With its unique list style format, and thematically grouped clues, 500 Cryptic Clues will challenge puzzlers to improve their cryptic clue skills while enjoying solving the puzzles.

Pocket-sized, this is a perfect and unusual book for travellers, commuters and anyone who enjoys solving cryptic clues and word puzzles.

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June Scott

I am a retired primary teacher living in Edinburgh. Since the age of ten, I have had a strong interest in word puzzles and crosswords (solving and compiling).

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