Troubador You’re Telling Me!

Released: 28/05/2020

ISBN: 9781838594459

Format: Paperback

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You’re Telling Me!

Why we are so good at communicating with each other


Why is gossiping good?

• Why is laughter contagious?

• Who talks the most, men or women?

• Why do we see faces in clouds and buildings?

• Why do we curl up when we feel low?

• Why do we wave our hands around when we talk?

The answers to these questions are here in this book and you’ll be able to try out for yourself some of the ideas and theories behind them. You’ll discover some surprising aspects of body language, some of the quirks and oddities of spoken language and the mysteries that surround our sheer genius at communicating with one another.

The author
Nancy is a social anthropologist with a specialism in language, communication and human interaction. She has lived within communities in different societies throughout the world, often with families, sharing their everyday lives. She has also enjoyed giving seminars, lectures and workshops on communication theory and practice in universities, colleges, industry and the public service.

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