Troubador Your Wellness Toolbox

Released: 28/01/2021

ISBN: 9781800461185

eISBN: 9781800468917

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Your Wellness Toolbox


“My Wellness Toolbox by Ali Swift is, without a doubt, the best self-help book that has been written and published in the past couple of decades.” – That’s Books and Entertainment

Following the release of the well-received My Wellness Toolbox in 2018, Ali Swift now presents Your Wellness Toolbox, a perceptive and supportive self-help guide that includes yet more tools to begin building your self-worth back up.

After releasing her first book, Ali started Talking Tools with You, sharing 26 of the powerful tools that helped her manage and overcome crippling anxiety and build a more positive mindset. The more she talked to the public via 121 coaching, events, workshops, and radio about the Tools, the experiences they then shared with her inspired her to add another fourteen tools to her original book which has then led to this sequel.  

Discover the sets of tools that can support you in different scenarios, from hospital appointments to family events… and even pull out the tools that can help you ride the waves of a Global Pandemic. Crying, Guided Meditations, Drawing & saying YES are just a few that are working for Ali! Are you ready to discover even more tools for your Wellness Toolbox?

I made the decision to concentrate on self-care reads on Sundays, to improve my own mental health and educate myself. I was delighted when NetGalley offered me a gifted digital version of Your Wellness Toolbox.

Over the past two weeks, Ali Swift has introduced me to forty new coping strategies that can be used as and when needed for any life event. This toolbox is simple and easy to read, with Ali giving examples of how she has used the techniques as well as offering some practical writing exercises that the reader can complete, such as gratitude lists.

The greatest asset of this book is that it can be personalised for any individual circumstance. I personally will be keeping this close at hand as a simple reminder that there are not any emotions or situations that I am unable to overcome. It’s perfect for dipping in and out of.

The only reason why this is not a five star for me is because there were things that were not relevant for me, such as placenta encapsulation so I did skim through some of these sections.

After reading this Your Wellness Toolbox, I am feeling empowered and more confident about my own well-being and definitely recommend this for a self care Sunday read!

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I work with people setting goals and I'm other areas. I love books that contain great tools that I can pass onto clients and use on myself. This book was full of great takeaways to add to our mental toolboxes.

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Alison Swift

Alison Swift is a mother of two, Author, Wellness Coach Reiki Practitioner and Wellness Radio Presenter for Solihull Radio, who is passionate about sharing her real-life experiences and tools to help others manage, tackle and overcome anxiety.

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