Troubador Une Vie De Chien

Released: 28/07/2016

eISBN: 9781785894701

Format: eBook

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Une Vie De Chien

It's a Dog's Life


Une Vie de Chien: It’s a Dog’s Life is a light-hearted, beautifully illustrated book, focussing on animal-related phrases in French and English. 

If a French speaker says to you ‘faire ça ou peigner la girafe’, the literal meaning may cause you some confusion... They’re not asking you to ‘do this or comb a giraffe’, but rather asking you to do this or some other pointless task – how would you know? Similarly, if someone says ‘arriver comme un chien dans un jeu de quilles’, they’re saying ‘to turn up when least wanted/ needed’ rather than saying you’ve arrived like a dog in a game of skittles! 

Consisting of 68 useful phrases that are sure to confuse any speaker trying to learn French, Une Vie de Chien is an essential read for those wanting to learn successfully the French language, as well as readers who love animals.

"False Friends: Faux Amis: Book Two" is now available. If you enjoy exploring the highways and byways of French language and French culture this book is for you: a light-hearted look at the words that could trip up the unwary traveller. Although not a new concept, False Friends (foreign words and phrases that look like one thing but mean another) has not been tackled for some time, and this version is fresh and original.
Did you know that "assister" means to attend and not to assist? Or that "attendre" means to wait and not to attend? After reading this book you will be better equipped to deal with life across the English Channel or, as our near neighbours will insist on calling it, "La Manche" (the sleeve).
The booklet displays a love of language, and is in six helpful sections.

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Ellie  Malet Spradbery

Since retiring from Senate House London University library, Ellie spends her time travelling in France, eating French food and reading French books. I think one could safely call her a Francophile.

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