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Released: 30/03/2016

eISBN: 9781785896330

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Un témoignage sur la Maladie de Parkinson


Terry used to be a psychologist. She retired from the job she loved as a result of her worsening Parkinson’s Disease. ‘Tremblement’ describes the progression of her condition; it’s her story.  

She recounts how she felt when she was diagnosed, as well as the way that her condition affected the people around her. She looks at the importance of learning about the illness – and the available medications – as a way of helping sufferers to face up to their condition. Parkinson’s is a movement disorder and this aspect is described in depth.  

The negative impact of stress in Parkinson’s is explored, alongside the importance of relaxation. Throughout the chapters, Terry also examines the importance of sleep, exercise and of understanding the changes in one’s thought and language. She emphasizes the importance of close personal relationships and of understanding oneself. 

Terry spent a year in France, considering her future. Finally, she decided to retire and to write this book. ‘Tremblement’ offers a sound and positive introduction on the subject of Parkinson’s Disease. 

Terry était psychologue. Elle a dû quitter le travail qu’elle aimait à cause de sa maladie de Parkinson qui empirait. ‘Tremblement’ raconte la progression de sa condition. C’est la propre histoire de Terry.  

Elle explique comment elle s’est senti quand elle a été diagnostiqué, ainsi que les réactions des autres. Elle souligne l’importance de se documenter sur la maladie et sur les medicaments disponibles, pour aider les malades à faire face à leur condition. Parkinson est une maladie de movement et cet aspect de la condition est étudié en profondeur. 

L’impact negatif du stress sur la maladie de Parkinson est examiné a coté de l’importance d’apprendre a se détendre. Au fil des chapitres Terry examine aussi l’importance du sommeil, de l’exercise et de comprendre le changement de la pensée et du langage pour ceux qui ont cette maladie. 

Terry a considéré son futur pendant une année en France, et finalement elle a décidé de prendre sa retraite et d’ écrire ce livre. Elle souligne l’importance des relations proches et de se comprendre. Ce livre offre une introduction sérieuse et positive sur le sujet de la maladie de Parkinson.

Terry Rummins' books on Parkinson's Disease, published by Troubador, including her acclaimed 'So, I've got Parkinson's Disease', have been selected for display at the 5th World Parkinson's Congress in Kyoto, Japan during the period 4-7 June 2019. The Congress is organized by the World Parkinson's Coalition, based in New York.

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'The personal voice of Terry Rummins brings home the obstacles of Parkinson's, but also manages to turn them into a tremendous challenge. It is written from the heart and communicates heart. It is also a positive and informative read for those whose lives come into contact with Parkinson's. Terry is writing as her Parkinson's symptoms develop - she inspires hope for us all with her fighting spirit!'
Stephen Lowe, playwright

'The best no frills book on Parkinson's I have yet to read.'
Sue whose husband has Parkinson's, Malvern, UK

'This book provides a sound introduction to Parkinson's Disease from the point of view of someone who has had the disorder for ten years.'
Professor Patricia Limousin
Consultant Neurologist, UCLH, London


'The first book was good. This is better.
The first was valuable, this is important.'
Dr Jon Stamford BSc PhD DSc
Parkinson's Movement

'My husband, who has PD was almost radiant after reading it. It gives specific details about personal experiences which he immediately recognised in himself. This is rarely conveyed in more clinical descriptions about the disease. I would highly recommend it to both sufferers, carers, or anyone wanting insight into the ways in which it affects a sufferer, so variable from day to day and hour to hour.'
Kaycee, Amazon verified purchase

A personal account in pictures

'This is an excellent guide for all those affected by
Parkinson's and their health and social care practitioners.'
Nursing Standard, UK

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Terry Rummins

Terry spent much of her childhood abroad, in France, Malta and Germany.She developed an interest in psychology at the age of fifteen, after reading Freud. Working as a nursing auxilliary in several psychiatric hospitals further developed this interest and she decided to follow a career in psychology. After gaining the necessary qualifications she worked as a psychology lecturer, an educational psychologist and a counselling psychologist. For several years she was the Principal Psychologist in a London borough. Terry's mother was French and Terry has a strong connection with that country. She and her husband, Jack, now live for part of the year in France. They are active members of English and French Parkinson's groups.

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