Troubador Top Tips for Talented Working Parents

Released: 01/12/2011

ISBN: 9781848768093

Format: Paperback

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Top Tips for Talented Working Parents


Most working parents are constantly looking for simple ways to make their lives easier, more manageable and to reduce the inevitable friction between work and family responsibilities. Top Tips for Talented Working Parents aims to enhance the lives of working parents through sharing best practice ideas gained from coaching company Talking Talent’s niche coaching work with working parents.

Top Tips for Talented Working Parents is written by authors who are both executive coaches and working parents, who have found that it often only takes small actions or adjustments to make a significant difference.

This handy, pocket-sized book contains lots of practical ideas and thought-provoking questions for working parents to help their work/life balance. It will appeal to those who are soon to become working parents who may want to plan for what life will be like once they have had their baby, as well of those who are in the thick of the ‘balancing act’ of working parenthood.

The books informal style makes it easy to read and quick to reference. The different sections are written to resonate with working parents and the challenges they face, covering 6 key areas of professional and personal challenge;

• Clarity around roles

• What you want out of your working life

• Getting support

• Logistics

• Well being

• Recognising and overcoming the challenges

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