Troubador The Teachings of Avalon : Part One

Released: 01/06/2014

ISBN: 9781780885254

Format: Paperback

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The Teachings of Avalon : Part One


‘During the course of this book I wish to talk about the different stages of life, and about how the mind, soul and spirit adjust to the different situations and pressures which arise at different ages. There are sevens stages, commonly known as the seven stages of man, and it is important to recognise all seven, and discuss how the mind, soul and spirit are influenced during them.’

The words in this book have been channeled to author Suzie Hunter via White Eagle – a senior spiritual healer / master living in the spiritual spheres. White Eagle wishes to share his wealth of information and knowledge with the modern world, and has chosen to write his words of wisdom by channeling his thoughts via other authors.

He, along with other senior elders, is watching our world and his comments to us all are sensible, informed and helpful, ensuring that the content of White Eagle Awakes is encouraging, supportive and reassuring.

White Eagle Awakes is the perfect read for anyone interested in spiritual topics, it will appeal to all readers fascinated by channeling and spirituality.

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