Troubador The Suvivor’s Guide To Your Career Today

Released: 28/09/2019

ISBN: 9781838591373

Format: Paperback

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The Suvivor’s Guide To Your Career Today


Have you ever wanted to work in the hustle & bustle and bright lights of a major capital city?

This book guides both professionals and aspiring professionals to navigate their way through their career, whilst improving key aspects of their lives and minds. Breaking down the different hurdles you will come to face when job-hunting and within your career. From specific interview questions & techniques, to body language in meetings, to becoming a well-rounded individual. This guide takes each reader through the challenges they will face when entering the world of the unknown. The hiring process is a highly competitive process, with thousands of people vying to get into, and progress, within every industry globally each year. This guide gives you all the tools and power you need to unlock the best of yourself. You will have all the advantages necessary to discover what it takes to achieve true self-fulfilling success – from all entry points.

"There is only this present moment. You can make a change in your life at any stage, you have to want to do it; one small step at a time. You can become a better you, the you…you have always wanted to become. One small step at a time.” - Oliver Rolfe, Founder, Managing Director and Group CEO – Spartan International Executive Search

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