Troubador The Ramblings of a Little Lost Soul

Released: 28/04/2016

ISBN: 9781785891090

Format: Paperback

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The Ramblings of a Little Lost Soul


“When I was seeing my husband smiling at me, trying not to show how much pain he was in, my heart felt like a lump of ice in a vice which was tightening a bit more every day. Myeloma, this agonising form of cancer, needed a bit more research. I could not bear to think of anyone else going through so much pain and stress.” The Ramblings of a Little Lost Soul tells the story of how Jean Tymms dealt with her heartache after her beloved husband sadly died in 2014. When Geoff passed away, Jean struggled to deal with the distress of losing her husband. Whilst bereaving, Jean tells the story of how an inner voice spoke to her, prompting the author to write about her loss, and so The Ramblings of a Little Lost Soul was born. This inspiring story, written in three parts, shows how Jean copes with the first eighteen months of bereavement. The author hopes that her words can help others to come to terms with their own losses and cope with life without their loved ones. This book will not only appeal to those who are currently grieving, but also to readers who enjoy true, inspiring stories about the strength of love and marriage. Written from the heart, this memoir also contains heartwarming poetry and some pictures of Jean and Geoff’s happy life together.

This small gem of a book reflects all the strong feelings of a bereaved woman, who lost her soul mate, who overcame her great sorrow by writing about and overcoming the many stages of feeling that a part of her was missing. She began to realise there was more work for her to do by helping others who needed healing and understanding. A quick inspirational read and the pictures are a lovely insight to the contents. I read it in one go, it was so page turning, i loved it and learnt from it.

by Rita Eaton

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