Troubador The Presentation Secrets of Professional Speakers!

Released: 06/01/2017

eISBN: 9781785898297

Format: eBook

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The Presentation Secrets of Professional Speakers!

The difference that makes the difference...


A highly readable exposition on this fascinating subject! ‘The Presentation Secrets of Professional Speakers!’ is based upon the writer’s personal experience having presented to numerous corporations for over two decades. Philip's accolades from participants have been second to none - typical examples may be seen on his website.

Wittily and with passion for his subject, Philip presents numerous 'how to.....s' based upon real life professional expertise, much study from Churchill to Cicero and more besides! The techniques explored are highly relevant to politicians, salespeople and all those who regularly address an audience.

Together we unravel the skills the experts use, including from how to build audience rapport to how to walk the talk; how to manage questions to how to make demonstrations sparkle, and from how to use your body language to how to use the secrets of the ancients.

Thought provoking, occasionally tongue in cheek and not to be missed! Extremely enjoyable and packed with powerful proven techniques especially so when read in conjunction with its sister book 'Presentations - 7 Deadly Sins and more besides!'

'Philip writes with authority and insight that only someone with actual experience could muster. It reads really well too. Philip is a fine writer.'

by James (Amazon reviewer)

Philip St Lawrence

Philip St Lawrence has worked with over 200 corporations from minnows to FTSE 100 multi-nationals and wins numerous plaudits for his inspiring presentations ( He relates this experience through his business self-help books. His talent as a writer and passion for English prose also manifests itself powerfully in his thought provoking, heartrending novel ‘Message from Joshua’. Raised in the Cotswolds Philip now lives in the New Forest, UK.

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