Troubador The Magpie Effect

Released: 28/01/2019

ISBN: 9781789017274

eISBN: 9781789012811

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Magpie Effect

Your Complete and Comprehensive Guide to Surviving and Enjoying The Twisted Social Media Era


New notification: you may be wasting time and energy fighting a daily battle that is impossible to win.

Growing evidence shows that most of us subconsciously search for fulfilment—self-confidence, validation, connection, purpose, and more—in a place where we’ll ironically never find it: social media. What’s even more ironic? More and more of us are addicted to the chase and our culture keeps us blind to how damaging this futile quest really is. When used in a healthy way, social media can enhance our lives in a myriad of positive ways. However, the majority of us unknowingly misuse social media in an unhealthy way, rendering it no more beneficial than a virus.

And the most dangerous disease is the kind that convinces you you’re not even sick… so while many believe there is no issue here to discuss, Damien Massias is already concocting a cure. First ingredient: awareness. Massias is a life coach and professional observer who will tell it to you straight—with no sugar-coating but still plenty of genuine sweetness.

This book is your guide to navigating (and dodging) the dangers of social media so you can still use it in a healthy way. It examines real life case studies to illustrate how something we think of as being so small and harmless can actually have a colossal, butterfly effect on our lives. But most importantly, this book is a wake-up call to observe, examine, and re-evaluate your own relationship with social media and re-calibrate your compass towards true fulfilment.

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Female First

Toowoomba, Australia's Style Magazine

While I was concerned this book would be a dry and heavy read - even a doomsayer type book - I was pleasantly surprised.

Massias explores the effect social media is having on our lives, the good and the bad, and overall aims to create awareness.

He makes it clear time and time again that by no means is he bashing the reader over the head for how they have misused social media, but actually reiterates that he is as much in this boat as the rest of us, and that "awareness is the first step to any solution".

While I appreciated that the author made it clear he wasn't attacking anyone and that he's been guilty of the same things as the reader, I felt it was repeated a bit too much - once in full and then maybe a second very small reminder would have suffice.

I particularly enjoyed that Massias included the positives of social media and what it was initially designed for, as the vast majority of writings on social media focus only on the negatives.
Overall, The Magpie Effect was an enjoyable, eye-opening read for learning and self-help!

by Jessica Kramer

I thought the author did a great job in th easy he wrote this book. The quotes throughout and the statistical information was a nice added touch and I found myself being challenged as I read through the eye-opening chapters and evaluated my engagement with social media. If there was one downside to the book was that at times I found the author to be a little repetitive. Overall, I loved the book.

by Angela Payne

I loved this eye-opening and challenging book regarding social media. I thoroughly enjoyed the statistical approach and the quotes throughout. If there was a little negative to mention, it would be that at times I found the author to be a little repeatitive. Overall, I would recommend this book and found it to be a quick and engaging read.

by Angela

This is an enlightening look at social media and how it affects our lives. I appreciate the author's tone, in that she's not trying to shame the reader. This book is all about awareness and education. She looks at the intended purposes of each social media platform versus how they're actually used. It's an eye opening read for anyone who considers technology and social media an important part of their life (which is me!)

by Ramona

The Magpie Effect is about the impact of social media on our lives and communities. Damien Massias message clearly states that while social media has its place and can be a powerful and positive tool , it also has an insidious and addicting quality that turns the positives of using social media into a serious detriment. He does this without blaming or shaming and he shows us that the wish for social fulfillment and connection is human and can be exploited by social media in an on-going chase for purpose and meaning.

I liked the message of the book and absolutely think it is accurate. I like the theory behind his work and it helped me make sense if the insanity of social media. The only drawbacks to the book is it's repetition and its bombastic tone. I felt like I was constantly being coached and coached over and over again which made we weary and a bit impatient. Otherwise, a fine read.

by Karen

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