Troubador The Gift of Thought

Released: 28/06/2021

ISBN: 9781800461932

Format: Paperback

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The Gift of Thought


What if our experience of life is created differently to the way we think it’s created? Instead of living in an out-in world – with our thoughts and emotions coming from other people and situations, as well as from the past and the future – what if we actually live in a world of our own creation?

We aren’t at the mercy of the world around us, we are in fact, using our gift of thought to create our experience of life in real-time, with surround sound and special effects. Just like in the movies!

The Gift of Thought is the first in a series of books that provides a simple, illustrated explanation of the Three Principles (of Mind, Consciousness and Thought). It describes how we use Thought to create our rich and diverse experience of life (with all its highs and the lows), and it explores how thought comes and goes like the weather. Contrary to popular belief, thought isn’t something that needs to be managed or controlled, suppressed or ignored. It isn’t something that needs to be taken seriously at all.

In the end, seeing through the illusion of Thought can have a profound impact on anyone’s experience of life!

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