Troubador The Effect of Social Media on Adolescents' Mental Health and Well-Being

Released: 28/11/2021

ISBN: 9781800465107

Format: Paperback

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The Effect of Social Media on Adolescents' Mental Health and Well-Being


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As social media has boomed in the past decade, there has been an increase in internet use and virtual communication through computers, mobile phones and tablets in adolescents. Putting images of themselves online as they carve out an identity and chase likes, they encounter many dangers: cyberbullying, race discrimination, discrimination because of one’s sexual orientation, eating disorders, self-harm, suicide, alcohol addiction and addiction to gaming.

With adolescent’s mental health issues on the rise, The Effect of Social Media on Adolescents' Mental Health and Well-Being acts as a guide for parents and teachers alike in supporting their adolescents' mental health and well-being while they navigate the internet.

Dr Steph Adam explains by using case studies, and her own experience of counselling young people, the risks and benefits of social media and how to keep adolescents safer online.

“Being a Grandma, I found this book to be an education in what young people, in today's world, have to cope with. Bombarded on all sides with the effects of social media on their lives. Thereby making their teenage years a trickier path to find their way safely through than I did during my teenage years.

Dr Steph Adam's format makes the various subject matters clear to follow. The sources are mentioned where it is relevant as well as among the references at the back of the book making it easier to follow up if needed. The subject matters are covered in depth along with advice to parents on how to help their children as they navigate the various pitfalls in their teenage years. It is a book not only interesting to read but also a book of reference when required.

I fully recommend this book."

by P.S

Dr Steph Adam

During her career Dr Steph Adam has worked extensively with adolescents with ongoing mental health problems and has a particular interest in providing support and advice for this age group. Her new publication 'The Effect of Social Media on Adolescents' Mental Health and Well-Being' is the result of three years research into why young people are so engrossed in social media. Steph explains the benefits and risks that may occur, and how parents and teachers can keep adolescents safer online.

Steph currently lives in York and likes to travel, both in the UK and abroad. She is a country music fan and enjoys socialising with family and friends. To relax, she reads Scandi-noir novels by Jo Nesbo and Camilla Lückberg. You can find out more about Steph by visiting her website, or you can contact her at, or at

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