Troubador The Cold Turkey Chronicles

Released: 28/02/2014

ISBN: 9781783063239

eISBN: 9781783067565

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Cold Turkey Chronicles

Quit quitting and just quit smoking


“Before you read this short book, you must ask yourself if you really want to quit smoking. If, like almost every honest smoker I have met, the answer is yes, then this little book is for you.”

The Cold Turkey Chronicles will help you quit smoking – but it is not your typical self-help guide. Derived from the author’s own myriad of quitting experiences, A.O. Comerford transforms the process of quitting into an adventurous quest. The goal is to rid yourself of your fiery-eyed nemesis – tobacco – for once and for all.

“Having been a heavy smoker for more years than I care to mention, I had attempted to quit countless times and tried as many different methods as there are cigarette brands. Each failed attempt added to the difficulty of the next as I began to think that failure was inevitable. I can tell you now that it is not only possible to quit smoking, but it is quite simple once you know how.”

Day by day, challenge by challenge, A.O. Comerford shows readers how to reach their smoke-free goal. Drawing on a wealth of personal experience, he clearly and astutely outlines the dangers and obstacles you will encounter on your journey, and with a mix of straight talking, compassion and humour, explains how to combat them with a minimum of discomfort – all the while offering sound advice and encouragement.

The Cold Turkey Chronicles is an indispensable self-help guide for anyone who wants to quit smoking.

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A.O. Comerford

A.O. Comerford was born into a farming family of eleven in 1968 rural Ireland. He immigrated to London at the age of nineteen and has been travelling ever since. After working in Europe, Asia and the Middle East he is now settled on the Isle of Man and exploring his passion for writing in his free time.

Author of many short stories his debut Young Adult adventure novel, Terragaineous has been released in November 2015.

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